See Iconic Brazil on Rio de Janeiro Shore Excursions

The best of Rio de Janeiro is just waiting for you, whether you’re looking to samba the night away or explore the city’s famous beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana. There are plenty of things to do in Rio de Janeiro from a cruise. Prepare to be awed by the statue of Christ the Redeemer that sits on top of the Corcovado Mountain. The entire world knows Rio de Janeiro for this endearing monument, where outstretched arms of Christ loom over the city.

Lounging on a beach has never been more romantic for those on a cruise for couples. On Rio de Janeiro shore excursions, a carefree attitude is a must-have. What’s the rush when you’re in such a beautiful place?

For unbeatable views, take a cable car up Sugar Loaf Mountain for a photo op and to experience all of Rio at your fingertips. To understand the rich history of Rio, head to Museu Historico Nacional, which has the largest collection of ancient and preserved coins in all of Latin America.

Natural beauty is abundant at the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, where botanists transported foreign plants to Brazil to see how they would acclimate to a tropical climate. On this shore excursion, you can see hundreds of palm tree varieties all in one place. Go exploring Parque Lage, a public park near the Corcovado Mountain, and stroll the grounds of an ornate mansion that is now an art school. The verdant landscape pops against the cream-colored stone mansion where a wealthy family once lived.

Rio de Janeiro shore excursions don’t just include daytime activities, either. Rio de Janeiro cruise passengers can enjoy a late night at Ginga Tropical for a traditional Brazilian samba show and the chance to try the moves for yourself. After a few tropical drinks, you might catch the itch for samba. Of course, Rio’s biggest annual event—Carnival—happens before Lent each year, and if you’re lucky, you can experience it for yourself.

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