Ponta Delgada Shore Excursions: Land & Sea Vistas

On a port of call at the Azores’ capital city of Ponta Delgada, shore excursions on the colorful island of São Miguel point the way to the island’s most delightful sights.

The island of São Miguel, the largest of the nine-island chain that comprises the Azores, is located west of Portugal’s mainland. It maintains vestiges of its days as an important trading port in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Ponta Delgada shore excursions show off the island’s most important historic sites and areas including the city’s three arches, churches that date back to the mid-1500s, a commercial port and railway, and palaces and manor houses that attest to the city’s past wealth from commercial shipping.

São Miguel, like its Azores sister islands, was formed out of erupting volcanoes. You can book Ponta Delgada cruise excursions that take you to Sete Cidades for a spectacular view of two crater lakes, one emerald green and one sky blue, that are 1,900 feet above sea level. The village of Sete Cidades is nestled in the remains of the crater and is surrounded by dense forest. Whether you tour this site by motor coach or in a 4x4 land vehicle from your Ponta Delgada cruise, you’ll be awed by the beauty of the pristine landscape.

For other ways to enjoy the island’s beauty, book Ponta Delgada shore excursions to the bustling mountain city of Ribeira Grande. Explore the Terra Nostra Garden Botanical Park, a wonderland of trees, canals, and grottoes that was started in 1775 by United States Consul Thomas Hickling. After an enjoyable time strolling the area, relax in a geothermal hot spring for a while.

In addition to its reputation for glorious land and sea vistas, São Miguel is well known as a natural habitat for orcas as well as sperm, humpback, and blue whales. For an exciting day of whale spotting, book one of our eco-adventure excursion cruises. Soon after setting out from the marina, your marine biologist guide is likely to point out pods of bottlenose dolphins and quite possibly a sperm whale or two.

Food adventurists will enjoy a dinner of Azorean specialties served in grand style at the elegant main restaurant of a five-star hotel located just a short stroll from the port. As you savor the delectable dinner and wine selections, you’ll be treated to a folkloric show that includes music and dancing.

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