Tahiti Shore Excursions: Blissful Beaches & Cultural Wonders

While your cruise ship is docked in Papeete, there are a number of Tahiti shore excursions in which you can partake. 

For history and culture, head away from Papeete to the east side of the island. You’ll visit Venus Point, which is the site where European explorers originally came ashore to discover what the island offered. Venus Point is also next to a part of the coastal sea where you can often see locals racing their outrigger boats, which gives you a glimpse into the culture of Tahiti and popular activities to do. Also on the east side of the island is the house of American writer, James Norman Hall, whose Tahiti home showcases lovely island architecture.

To explore the flora of Tahiti, stick to the west side. During one of our west coast shore excursions you can visit the Vaipahi Gardens to see exotic flowers and trees and explore the underwater world of Maraa Grotto. Another west coast site not to miss is Arahurahu Marae, a fully restored temple nestled within the tropical forest of Tahiti.

The west coast is also home to Te Ruta Lagoon, a marvelous stretch of water that will feel like you’re swimming in a heated pool full of fish, coral, and possibly even dolphins.

Visiting a beach is one of the top things to do in Tahiti from a cruise ship and it’s a blissful way to spend the day in port. Thanks to remarkably clear water shimmering in shades of turquoise bordered by white sand, you can easily relax andclear your mind of any stress or worry from back home. 

An even better way to totally escape into paradise while on your cruise to Papeete, Tahiti is to combine beach lounging with time in the ocean snorkeling. There are Tahiti shore excursions that will take you to a beach on the island that is in close proximity to a great snorkeling spot and provide you with all the snorkeling gear you need for a laid back yet adventurous day.

Whether you lean toward cruise tours that are more water-based or ones that take you to the top sites upon the island’s land, you’ll find yourself in awe of Tahiti’s tropical beauty.

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