See Island Life on Okinawa, Japan Shore Excursions

The small islands making up Okinawa are divided into three main groups making up the Okinawa Prefecture. Each has its own style, culture, and activities. There are plenty of things to do in Okinawa from a cruise, and getting around from island to island isn’t too strenuous for your average Okinawa cruise passenger.

Those who are interested in Japan’s history can start their exploration with a tour showcasing Okinawa’s role during World War II. Himeyuri Peace Museum and Monument is dedicated to over 200 women who nursed soldiers in caves and died in the process. Okinawa Peace Park and the untouched, preserved Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters are also tributes to the deadly conflict that changed Okinawa forever.

Other Okinawa, Japan shore excursions are centered around Okinawa Island and the cities within. Naha City is known for the reddish-orange Shurijo Castle. Its museum and park will teach you how Naha City and Okinawa have a markedly different history from the rest of Japan. Go shopping in the commercial district of Naha City where you’ll be sure to find something special at the boutiques and markets. Don’t leave without a trip to Makishi Public Market, where you can haggle for fresh catches of the day, produce, and pork, which is a favorite in Okinawa.

Scale the limestone cliffs of Cape Manza-mo, one of the most popular destinations for those on an Asia cruise for its unbeatable views. The cliffside looks like the trunk of an elephant and has captivated visitors for years.

Of course, there are plenty of outdoorsy things to do on Okinawa, Japan shore excursions, too. Scuba diving and snorkeling the clear waters and coral reefs of the Okinawa Prefecture is a must-do, and you can hike about an hour to get to the undisturbed Hiji Waterfall in Okinawa Honto.

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