Variety is the Spice of Newcastle Shore Excursions

Silky sand beaches, award-winning Australian wines, cute koalas, dolphins, and whales are just some of the fascinating experiences you’ll enjoy on Newcastle shore excursions as your cruise to Australia docks at the second-largest city in New South Wales.

The city and its environs are easily discovered on Newcastle shore excursions that offer walking, riding, and biking tours. Exploring Newcastle on foot and at your leisure or on narrated tours that allow you to walk through 200 years of New South Wales history, exploring its rich colonial history and learning about its beginnings as a penal colony. Pass the Customs House that’s now a restaurant. Stroll Watt Street, noting its convict-era buildings. See the Earp Gillam Bond Store, built in 1888, to handle and warehouse imported goods. Visit Christ Church Cathedral and the Courthouse. Spend some time at the Newcastle Museum and wander the grounds of Blackbutt Reserve, where you’ll see some of Australia’s native species, including kangaroos, koalas, and wombats.

For an in-depth exploration of Australia’s wildlife, book Newcastle shore excursions that combine city tours with a trip to the Australian Reptile Park. In addition to seeing an exceptional number of reptiles and the infamous Tasmanian devil, you’ll hear about the park’s anti-venom program, which has saved the lives of thousands of victims of poisonous snake bites and spider bites.  

There are many fun things to do in Newcastle from a cruise. Among the favorites are Australian shore excursions that let you race around the privately owned Stockton Sand Dunes on an all-terrain quad bike. You can also take a wildlife cruise along Nelson Bay where you’ll be treated to the sight of bottlenose dolphins playing in the ocean waves. Take a day trip to the lovely town of Port Stephens to shop for local crafts and artisan foods, and visit the Nelson Head Heritage Lighthouse and Reserve.

If you’re a fan of Southern Australia’s fine wines, treat yourself to a day touring some of the most famous wineries of the Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest wine region. In addition to learning about grape varieties, notably Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, and winemaking techniques that produce award-winning wines, you’ll sip and savor vintages from each winery. Cap off your visit to the Hunter Valley from your cruise to Newcastle with a visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens shops, including a wine glass gallery, an alpaca boutique, and a family-owned liqueur company.

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