See Southern Shetland’s Sights on Lerwick Shore Excursions

When your European cruise port of call is the busy Shetland Islands port of Lerwick, shore excursions offer cruise passengers opportunities to see the island’s mosaic of coves, cliffs, farmland, and beaches, each with its own character and charm.

Admire the tranquil beauty of Shetland, coined “The Crossroads of the Northern Seas,” on Lerwick shore excursions that take you across the southern Shetland. Pass through the coastal streets of Lerwick, with its old waterfront that on any given day may sport yachts as well as fishing boats. Pass by 18th century sandstone buildings as well as homes and parks from the Victorian era, including Lerwick Town Hall. Admire sweeping vistas of sea cliffs, beaches, pastures, and meadows. View the Iron Age round towers, Mousa Broch, from afar, then head cross-island to the Atlantic Coast within view of St. Ninian’s Isle.

For a glimpse of the region’s incredible wildlife, opt for Lerwick shore excursions to the uninhabited island of Mousa. Board a fast ferry that takes you out to Mousa Island to see the Mousa Broch, the round stone tower built over 2,000 years ago, most likely as a defense against invaders. Spiral staircases lead up to the top of the tower for spectacular views of the Mousa Sound. During the summer months, the walls of the tower are home to hundreds of storm petrels. These birds spend their days feeding out at sea, then return to the island at night. Other nesting birds include Arctic terns, red-throated divers, fulmars, and black guillemots. You’re also likely to see grey seals sunning themselves at the shore or harbor porpoises frolicking farther out in the water.

Among the most exciting shore excursions, Lerwick, Shetland Islands has to offer are tours to the amazing Jarlshof Viking Ruins. Here, you’ll walk through the best-known prehistoric archeological site in Shetland, a complex of ancient settlements with dates that encompass the Neolithic Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the Middle Ages. There is also a house that dates from the 16th century.

A day in the Scottish countryside from your cruise to Lerwick is not complete without at least a glimpse of a Shetland pony, and an excursion to a pony farm is bound to be a highlight for young and old alike. Spend time with the ponies, and learn firsthand how they are bred and how they have adapted to the harsh northern climate.

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