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With beachy landscapes and more than 300 volcanoes, plus perfect weather all year round, you'll quickly see why Lanzarote is an award-winning destination. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, its stark lava fields were born from violent eruptions as recent as the 19th century. The island's dedication to the environment and tourism has even resulted in recognition from the World Tourism Organization as a universal model of sustainable development. In addition, the island has gone to considerable lengths to preserve its own history, culture and heritage. Lanzarote is known as a haven for modern art. Many of the island’s natural wonders have been preserved through the work of local artist and environmental hero, César Manrique who so still credited for saving his home from overdevelopment.  The island has grown into a thriving culinary destination. From fine restaurants to charming seaside bistros, there are a wealth of dining options to explore on your Lanzarote cruise.  Traditional Spanish fare is quite popular with lots of fresh seafood and the Canary wines are a must try. Check out the local markets for handcrafted souvenirs and keepsakes. Whether exploring the world’s longest volcanic tunnel; sipping cocktails by a volcanic lake; touring an art museum; or lounging by the sea in the middle of a lunar landscape, it’s an eye-opening adventure.

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