Katakolon Shore Excursions: Experience Ancient Olympia

When your cruise to the Greek islands stops in the port of Katakolon, you’ll of course want to see its most famous archeological site, Ancient Olympia, the site of the first Olympic Games in 776 B.C. Additionally, there are several Katakolon shore excursions that take in the charming seaside town’s raw beauty as well as the area’s vibrant wine and food culture, traditional folkways, and its more modern history.

There are so many places to go in Greece, and on Ancient Olympia shore excursions, Katakolon, Greece will serve as the starting point. You’ll board a bus for a guided tour of the famous site. You’ll see the extensive ruins that include training areas, a stadium, the Council House, where athletes took the Olympic oath, the Temples of Zeus and Hera, and the shrine of Pelops.

After marveling at the exquisite ruins of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are Katakolon shore excursions that offer opportunities to wander through the archeological museum for further in-depth exploration of the history and most important artifacts of the Olympia site. From your cruise to Katakolon, you will see the largest collection of bronze in the world, a large collection of significant terracotta art, savor Greek snacks, and watch traditional Greek folk dances at a nearby club.

Other Katakolon shore excursions offer an opportunity to get in some beach time at Kourouta Beach and swim in the clear, tranquil waters of the Ionian Sea. If you can’t get enough of the simple, fresh food of the Greek Islands, travel to a family-owned farmstead known for its olives groves and vineyards. Enjoy a guided tour and learn about traditional winemaking and the history and the harvesting of olives. Listen to traditional Greek music and see Greek folk dances performed as you feast on typical Greek food like homemade tzatziki, olive pie, and baklava. Go all-in for wine with a private tour at the renowned Mercouri Winery, where you’ll be treated to a tasting of their wines, crafted in the traditional manner.

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