All Natural Kagoshima, Japan Shore Excursions

When looking for things to do in Kagoshima, Japan from a cruise, why not start with the city’s biggest sites? After all, Kagoshima is home to an active volcano called Sakurajima, and you can still see lava gently flowing from certain places in Kagoshima, like along a pathway at the Arimura Observatory.

Take in the beautiful Senganen Garden, which has existed in Kagoshima since the 17th century and happens to have a great photo op of Kagoshima Bay. Plus, these gardens are open seven days a week. Walking the gardens of Senganen is a relaxing, scenic experience where bamboo and small ponds are common. During spring cruises to Kagoshima, the garden’s cherry trees bloom for an even more picturesque experience at the garden.

The Shiroyama Scenic Observation Point offers another unbeatable view of the city. Many Kagoshima, Japan shore excursions combine history, nature, and culture, meaning you’ll walk away with more knowledge of Japan than ever before. History buffs should check out the Shoko Shuseikan Museum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site dedicated to the Shimadzu family, who helped introduce industrialization to Japan in the 19th century. The museum is housed in one of the oldest Western-style factories in Kagoshima.

Kagoshima is one of the southernmost cities in Japan, and you can take a ferry to venture to the small island of Yakushima for a day completely immersed in nature. Yakushima has cedar forests that are thousands of years old and are perhaps some of the oldest living trees on earth. The oldest tree in Japan is here, called Jomonsugi, and it takes a challenging round-trip hike of about ten hours to see everything Yakushima can offer. Adventure seekers on an Asia cruise won’t soon forget Yakushima.

The geothermal springs and restorative sand baths of Japan are some of the most healing in the world, offering travelers a wonderful spa-like experience. In Kagoshima, a warm sand bath is a must for weary travelers passing through. Kagoshima, Japan shore excursions wouldn’t be complete without a tour of a sake brewery and plenty of tastings of sweet potato sake, or shochu, like at Shochu Brewery.

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