Tour the Famous Rock on Gibraltar Shore Excursions

It’s a given that you can book Gibraltar shore excursions for exciting and memorable tours of the famous rock, but be sure there’s more to see and do when your ship docks at Gibraltar, the small British territory located on Spain’s sunny southern coast.

Whether you choose to see the 2.6 square mile limestone behemoth that is the Rock of Gibraltar by walking, taxi, or motor coach, guided Gibraltar shore excursions are your best bet. Not only will you see the rock, but you’ll also hear from local, professional tour specialists about its fascinating Spanish and British history and tales of celebrity sightings and events that have taken place there. (Hint: a Fab Four member’s wedding, for one).

Don your most comfortable walking shoes for Gibraltar cruise excursions that begin with an aerial tram ride, described by Architectural Digest as one of the most beautiful aerial tramway rides in the world. You’ll be treated to thrilling vistas that encompass the Catalan Bay, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean Sea, and Gibraltar itself. Once your cable car reaches the top of the Upper Rock, you’ll follow a wooded path to St. Michael’s Cave, then on to the Ape’s Den, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by free-roaming, tail-less Barbary macaques, the only wild monkey population on the European Continent. Explore the tunnels inside the northern end of the rock, including the famous Great Siege Tunnels, dug by British soldiers during The Great Siege (1779-1783) when Spain and France attempted to recapture the rock.

For an easy, carefree tour of the rock and other highlights from your cruise to Gibraltar, choose shore excursions by taxi or by motor coach that will take you along Europa Road to Europa Point, the flat southernmost point of Gibraltar. See the lighthouse, built in 1838, a Spanish-built Catholic shrine, and Gibraltar’s mosque that was a gift from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.  As you climb the rock on scenic roads, see the Cross of Sacrifice, a war memorial, a Moorish castle and fortifications built circa 1160, and Trafalgar Cemetery. When you reach the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, explore St. Michael’s Cave and take a selfie with the Barbary apes.

If you can’t resist tours with a culinary twist while on your Western Mediterranean cruise, book Gibraltar shore excursions to the rock that end with very British afternoon tea at the world-famous Rock Hotel or sumptuous Spanish tapas at the same hotel.

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