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Welcome to one of the busiest harbors in Europe and your point of embarkation for Christopher Columbus' home city: Genoa, Italy. The city is bordered on one side by the ocean, and on the other by mountains. In the lower city, you will be sure to find cobblestone streets, quiet nooks interlaced in alleyways and unique shopping opportunities. The port city where Columbus set sail to the New World is still entwined in its maritime past. All one need do is stroll down the docks in Porto Antico to pay a visit to the city’s aquarium -- the largest of its kind in Europe or to visit one of its finest maritime museums. Experience the three pearls of Italy’s Paradise Gulf (Portofino, Rapallo, and Santa Margherita) during your cruise to Genoa. Stroll the fabled Via Garibaldi to marvel at the UNESCO-honored collection of gorgeous Renaissance and Baroque palaces. Whether it’s fresh fish prepared with olive oil or muscles marinara, the fruits of the sea are certainly appreciated here. Genoa cuisine is authentically Italian, yet distinctly Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh seafood, olives, grains, pasta and the beloved focaccia are certainly on offer throughout the city

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