See Mountains and Fjords On Bergen Shore Excursions

Norway lives up to its reputation for natural beauty, and the southwestern city of Bergen is no exception. Its fjords and mountains attract millions of visitors and Norway cruise passengers each year, and those stopping in on Bergen cruise excursions can make their own adventure in this colorful wharf town.

Bergen shore excursions are a mix of medieval and modern. Colorfully painted building dot the skyline from the harbor. Head to the Bryggen wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the style of buildings remains preserved and unchanged since the 14th century. Today, it’s a center for museums, boutiques, markets, and shops. From your Bergen cruise, you can grab lunch and try the fresh catch of the day, typically salmon, from local fish markets.

You can even tour a salmon farm in the Norwegian countryside and see how their salmon is sourced and different from anywhere else in the world. Beer and spirit lovers will find Norway’s microbrewery scene is rapidly growing, and a tour of the Oss Craft Distillery will give you a behind-the scenes peek at gin production and tasting. Coffee and tea are a huge part of Norwegian culture, too, and you can sip these warm drinks with traditional Norwegian breakfasts like muesli or classic bread and jam.

Head to the top of Mount Floien on a railroad cable car to reach the mountain’s summit for a thousand-foot gaze of Bergen from above. It’s the only railway like it in Norway. You can hike the trails of Lake Skomakerdiket for an active trek during your time in Norway. The way downhill isn’t too strenuous, and you’ll arrive at a peaceful lake with mountain views. If you’re looking for a way to get your whole family on their feet and immersed in Norway’s natural beauty on Bergen shore excursions, Mount Floien is a great place to start.

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