Explore Anchorage, Alaska

Discover the must-sees and best kept secrets of Anchorage with excursions during the land tour portion of your Alaska Cruisetour vacation. Go deep into Alaska’s magnificent mainland to explore local life and culture on the following included excursions.

Anchorage Museum

Explore the many exhibits and programs dedicated to the preservation of northern art, history, and culture at the Anchorage Museum.


Included with Cruisetours: 7A and 7B

Alaska Brewery Tasting

Join fellow craft beer lovers on a fantastic tour of top breweries in Anchorage. Sample delicious local brews and appetizers as you learn about local beer culture and the history.


Included with Cruisetours: 9A and 9B

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Discover the cultures, traditions, and values of Alaska Natives at the largest cultural center in Alaska. Learn about the state’s 11 major cultural groups through fascinating stories, authentic native songs and dance performances. Enjoy workshops, demonstrations, as well as guided tours of indoor exhibits and outdoor village sites.


Included with Cruisetours: 6A, 6B, 8A, 8B, 9A and 9B

Experience More in Anchorage, Alaska

Go further on your Alaska Cruisetour with the following Anchorage excursions that are available during the land portion of your vacation. These exciting Anchorage experiences can be booked through your tour director at an additional cost.

Optional Excursions

Glacier & Wildlife Flightseeing Tour

Set off on an incredible tour over expansive hanging glaciers. Enjoy bird’s eye views of the glaciers and of how the ice has shaped the land. See beautiful local wildlife including mountain goats and moose from this amazing vantage point. Then, land at a lakeside for delicious refreshments.


Cost: starting at $386 per person
Duration: 1 to 3 hours


Available with Cruisetours: 6A, 7A & 8A & 10A

Big Swig: Alaska's Craft Beer Tour

Join a knowledgeable ‘Hoperator’ on an off-the-beaten path tour of Anchorage’s booming craft beer scene. Experience some of the best breweries, brewers, and Alaskan characters on this behind-the-scenes look at the local Anchorage craft brewing industry. It’s sure to be full of sudsy and safe fun. 


Cost: $169 per person
Duration: 4 hours

Available with Cruisetours:  1A, 3A, 5A, & 9A

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