Stunning Mountain Views on Alesund, Norway Shore Excursions

If you’re looking for things to do in Alesund, Norway from a cruise, you’re in luck. This Norwegian paradise is brimming with adventurous nature tours and laid-back sightseeing for individuals and groups of all sizes. Alesund is known for its art nouveau style architecture called Jugendstil, which makes the layout of the city unlike anywhere else you’ll see on a cruise to Norway.

Take an excursion through the Art Nouveau streets and learn about the history of Alesund along the way, or stop at the Sunnmore Museum, which celebrates Alesund’s maritime past and culture. Hundreds of preserved boats and medieval farmhouses make up the exhibits.

Another way to Alesund? Give your feet a break on Alesund, Norway shore excursions and instead kayak through the Borgundfjord and around Ålesund’s archipelago, paddling along the art nouveau buildings for an unconventional way to see the city.

The top of Mount Aksla is one of the best spots to take photos of Alesund’s colorful buildings and coastline. Or take a ferry to Strandafjellet Mountain, where a quick cable car will take you to the mountain’s breathtaking summit.

Alesund, Norway shore excursions offer an excellent chance to live like a local. Grab a fishing rod for a chance to snag cod, pollack, and other catches with the help of a Norwegian skipper. The mix of beautiful scenery of fjords and islands make a fishing excursion in Alesund extra special. If you love meeting new people, you can even visit the home of real Norwegians for coffee, waffles, and a unique glimpse into their lives.

Whether you’re exploring the city by paddling or from its highest peaks, this Norwegian paradise is just waiting to be experienced during your time in port from a cruise to Alesund, Norway.

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