Experience Northern Iceland on Akureyri Shore Excursions

Iceland is much more than just Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon, and Akureyri shore excursions will help you realize that in a powerful way. Akureyri is located on the northern coast of Iceland against Eyjafjörður Fjord. It’s a small city that is the commercial hub for northern Iceland while also being excellently situated for scenic views, adventurous activities, and Northern Europe cruise stops. There are many things to do in Akureyri from a cruise and Akureyri shore excursions are some of the easiest and most fun ways to experience them.

A highlight for many travelers to Akureyri is to see Godafoss, which stands for “Waterfall of the Gods”. Learn about the ancient folklore surrounding this massive waterfall while staring at its beauty.

Godafoss isn’t the only natural wonder to behold in northern Iceland. During your cruise to Akureyri, you can visit soothing hot springs, vibrantly green islands, ancient lava formations, and beautiful valleys dotted with unique turf farmhouses.

If spotting magnificent animals in their natural habitat is one of your favorite things to see, then a whale watching tour is a can’t-miss activity for you. Akureyri is considered to be the whale watching capital of Europe. From a whale-watching vessel in the waters off the coast of Akureyri, you have a good chance of seeing humpback, blue, and minke whales.

You’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from the North Pole while in Akureyri, so where better to have Santa’s house than in Akureyri? That’s right, when in Akureyri you can take a shore excursion to a little red house where you’ll learn all about the history of Santa in Iceland and find a lot of other Christmas cheer, no matter the time of year.

Whether you’re wanting to chase waterfalls and whales or seek out Santa and quaint architecture or just experience the local culture of the city, Akureyri shore excursions will help you to experience the best parts of northern Iceland during your cruise.  


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