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Celebrity Silhouette Summer Season 2021

Are the new Celebrity Silhouette sailings only open to UK guests?

I live in the Channel Islands, can I book? 

What are the new itineraries on Celebrity Silhouette?

Which sailings are being cancelled on Celebrity Silhouette?

Are you going to be announcing any more ships returning to service?

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Vaccines & Testing

Will I need to be fully vaccinated prior to boarding? 

Will COVID-19 testing also be required? If so, what kind of testing and when?

Are guests under the age of 18 able to sail? What testing will be required of them?

While Onboard

Are reservations required for dining, and will there be limits on party sizes at your restaurants?

Will the mixing of households be allowed onboard?

What activities will be available on board? 

On Shore

Can guests disembark at their leisure in ports of call or must they book one of the ship’s organised shore excursions? 


What happens if we go back into lockdown?

How long until sailing commences in other markets? 

Can guests book a specific stateroom, unlike some other cruise brands that are guarantee only?

 Is Celebrity Cruises allowing guests to book back-to-back sailings?

Can I use my existing FCC to book one of the new itineraries?

How do guests book car parking?

What age do you class as a child?

 Is the £75 deposit for sailings of less than 5 nights applicable to the new itineraries?

Will Captain’s Club upgrades still be available on the new itineraries?

Will Celebrity Move Up be available on these sailings?

Will a passport be required for the UK sailings on Celebrity Silhouette?

Will guests need travel insurance for the new sailings?