Venture to the Pearls of the Pacific and Awesome Natural Splendor of Australia

On an Australia and South Pacific cruise, you’ll discover that the heart of this massive ocean lies within its unique island culture, people, and wildlife. There truly is an abundance of living energy here, and it’s palpable at every port and with every day sailing its seas. The geographic region, also known as Oceania, anchors a part of our world where deserts and mountains meet beaches, and where jungles and sprawling cosmopolitan cities blend seamlessly into the southern sky. 

You’ll see tropical wildlife, temples built thousands of years ago, dense urban communities, and architectural masterpieces known the world over, all on an Australia and South Pacific cruise. Shop for luxury goods in Sydney, sip a mai tai suspended over the ocean in Bora Bora, and take in the Tahitian sun from an unspoiled, white sand secluded beach. There’s so much to do and see here you’ll want to book your next Australia and South Pacific cruise immediately.

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Australia and South Pacific Cruises Offer an Unrivaled Experience

When you take an Australia and South Pacific Cruise, you are treating yourself to one of the most truly unique and diverse travel experiences on earth. Few places have as much biodiversity, cross-culture history, and amenity options all in one region.


In Australia, you’ll find that there’s an entire world to explore in just one small continent, and you’ll get to see the best of it. Australia cruises offer a curated trip with culinary excellence and a variety of fun and learning experiences at ports like Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Each port has its own unique charm, with activities like tours through the outback, wildlife discovery, shopping in Adelaide’s famous Central Market, guided heritage outs and the Perth Mint, and more.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a crowd favorite for guests of any age on Celebrity’s Australia and South Pacific Cruises. Experience the true depth and majesty of Auckland from the top of the observation deck at the Sky Tower. Travel to lush vineyards where some of the region’s most exquisite wines are made, with special tasting tours to delight the palate and inspire the imagination. Visit New Zealand’s “Middle Earth” countryside, made famous in popular lore by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Enjoy it as an interactive tour experience that blends nature with pop culture and literature, or venture off to a volcano for a different type of adventure.

South Pacific

The South Pacific islands are home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations, and still preserve some of the oldest maritime traditions anywhere on planet earth. These islands are spectacularly preserved, visually stunning, and provide year-round tropical beach access and a warm climate. From hand-built stilt homes in the shallow sea, to jungle treks where abundant fruits and exotic wildlife surround you, finding inner serenity and happiness here is simple. See Bora Bora, Tahiti, and the best of French Polynesia all while indulging in the amazing offerings that only a Celebrity Australia and South Pacific Cruise can offer.

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