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Set sail on an incredible cruise around Asia aboard Celebrity Eclipse®, Celebrity Millennium®, or Celebrity Solstice.® With our itineraries, you’ll visit exciting destinations and discover breathtaking natural beauty, thrilling culinary flavors, and fascinating landmarks along the way. Explore the ancient temples of Kyoto, the lush landscapes of Hanoi, Singapore’s world-famous spicy food stalls, and so much more. Stroll one of the world’s most modern cities one day, and the next day, witness rituals and customs that have endured for centuries.

And, while we sail to some of the most idyllic destinations in the world, you’ll experience all the distinct features that make our Asia cruises extraordinary. Relax in unforgettable spaces, enjoy world-class amenities, plus a fantastic variety of activities right on board. Savor a different globally inspired dish every night at our specialty restaurants. Feel rejuvenated with a soothing massage, cycling class, or just a little “me time” at the spa. Then, after eventful days, you’ll enjoy restful nights in luxurious accommodations that rival the world’s best boutique hotels.





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Discover Asia With Us

Enjoy luxurious staterooms, cuisine, and service as you're immersed into the fascinating sights and cultures of Southeast Asia. From the high tech city of Tokyo to the calming waters of Halong Bay or local temples to explore in Vietnam, this 10 night sailing showcases the incredible contrasts this region has to offer. 


Destination Highlights

Natural Beauty

Set sail on a cruise around Asia and experience all the unforgettable beauty waiting to be explored. From the ethereal bamboo forests of Japan to spectacular islets and lush landscapes of Vietnam and the balmy beaches of Bangkok there’s an incredible wealth of natural beauty to enjoy. With natural reserves and cobalt-colored lakes, the tropical biodiversity of Singapore is simply breathtaking.

Tradition and Culture

Discover the traditions and rich cultures of Asia when we visit some of the region’s most vibrant port cities. From centuries old shrines and temples to the teahouses throughout the Far East, you’ll find a plethora of outstanding institutions that have withstood the test of time and have been handed down from generation to generation.


There’s so much to savor and taste in the destinations we visit on Asia cruises. From savory to sweet, spicy hot to mild, and sometimes all at once in one dish. Venture to a teahouse in Taipei to learn the history of the fragrant beverage. Sample traditional dim sums, dumplings, and noodles in Hong Kong. Savor stellar sushi in Tokyo and kobe beef in Japan. Travel to Southeast Asia for incredible curries in Singapore and pho in Vietnam. Experience the delicacies and flavors of Asia and discover a culinary wonderland.

Featured Destinations

Kyoto (Osaka)

Known for its exquisite shrines, sublime temples, and magnificent cuisine, there’s a wealth of cultural and spiritual landmarks to explore in Kyoto. Stroll the iconic Golden Pavilion, the breathtaking Zen temple dates back to the 14th century. Visit Gion, the famous Geisha district, for an art-full multi-course dining experience. Discover the landscaped gardens and mesmerizing bamboo groves of Arashiyama.

Hanoi (Halong Bay), Vietnam

The thousands of islets and tall limestone pillars topped with forest rising in the gorgeous turquoise waters of Gulf of Tonkin have inspired Vietnam folklore and captivated visitors for centuries. Discover breathtaking seascapes, diverse cultural influences, and incredible cuisine in Halong Bay and the capital city of Hanoi.

Bangkok, Thailand

Experience a world of beautiful contrasts in the port city of Bangkok. From peaceful Buddhist temples to the bustle of its city streets, there’s much to discover in the Thailand capital. Visit the iconic 16th- century shrine, Wat Pho, savor local delicacies at the countless food stalls, or stroll the markets for Thai silks, precious gems, and antiques.

Celebrity Cruises® visits many ports in the following exciting destinations throughout Asia.

Featured Cruise Departure Ports

Hong Kong, China

The streets of Hong Kong pulse with an energy driven by international commerce, fashion, and the high life. You’ll find its skyline is a combination of traditional Chinese and soaring architectural feats with beautiful mountains as its backdrop. Savor world famous noodles, dumplings, or dim sum in this culinary capital. Wander famous antique shops for silks, jade, and Ming vases.


This diamond-shaped island just off the coast of Malaysia gleams with modernism and commercialism. And, as you continue to explore the city-state, a unique mix of cultures, religions, and British colonial impressions begins to unfold. The cultural fusion is perhaps best expressed in Singapore's unofficial language, Singlish, a unique patois of English, Chinese and Malay.

Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan

Although among one of the largest cities in the world, Tokyo maintains a great deal of efficiency and charm. Amid neon signs and overhead cable webs, is some of the world’s most impressive architecture, stylish shops, and 4-star restaurants. Foodies will revel in the sushi offerings and “Ramen Zones” for unique noodle dishes. Venture just outside the city to surrounding small towns and villages for a glimpse into Japan’s rich cultural traditions.

Unforgettable Shore Excursions

Experience the best of each destination we visit on Asia cruises with a wide selection of shore excursions.


Discover the destinations we visit on cruises through Asia with incredible shore excursions. Our catalog includes landmarks tours, off the beaten path adventures, and personalized adventures that are specifically designed for guests to enjoy more time in each location, more up close and personal travel experiences, and better individual interaction with a guide.

Relax and Charge

Set sail on an unforgettable cruise to the Far East and discover the amazing amenities and activities available to you right on aboard.Enjoy relaxing moments in the spa, take a tour of the ship, play your favorite slots and table games and try your luck at the casino. Also, be sure to check Celebrity Today for what’s happening daily


From wildlife to cityscapes, monuments to natural wonders, explore each destination in Asia with a curated tour. Let local tour operators guide you with worry-free travel to and from your ship. Discover the must-sees and best kept secrets on an incredible Asia adventure like no other.

Ships Sailing in Asia

Celebrity Apex℠

Celebrity Millennium®

Celebrity Solstice®

Helpful Tips Before You Go


Make every destination you visit in Asia even more incredible with the following things to know before you go:

  • Remember to pack your camera.
  • Remember your sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, and bug repellant. 
  • Call your bank to let them know the countries you will be visiting. 
  • Turn on your international cellular service plan.
  • Have your documents protected and photocopied.
  • Research the ports and check the weather to pack properly.
  • Book Flights by Celebrity to be protected in case there is any cancellation.
  • Research the shore excursions and book them in advance, pre-cruise. The popular shore excursions get sold out fast.