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Now you can change your sail date up to September 1, 2020, at any time up to 48 hours before your sailing and receive a Future Cruise Credit.

We’ve extended our Cruise with Confidence program to allow you even more time to adjust your travel plans, should you need to. Now, you can change any sailing departing up to September 1, 2020, up to 48 hours before your departure date and receive a Future Cruise Credit for the amounts paid toward your cruise fare.

In our efforts to ease guests concerns regarding booking sailings with the ever-evolving challenge presented by coronavirus (Covid-19), we’ve responded by addressing the concerns regarding our cancelation policy. That’s why we introduced the Cruise with Confidence policy. We hope this policy gives you the confidence to book the vacation you’ve been thinking of so often during this challenging time in history. 

Why Are We Doing This?

We understand the uncertainty that the current environment has created for travelers; therefore, we’ve made these adjustments to our cancelation policy to give you more flexibility in planning your vacation with us. At the core of this new policy is the recognition that guests want to know we care about their concerns and are responsive to their need for peace of mind.

Essentially, Cruise with Confidence means that guests who cancel their cruise for sailings departing up to September 1, 2020, can do so for ANY reason up to 48 hours before sailing and get a 100% Future Cruise Credit, for the amounts paid toward their cruise fare, good until December 31, 2021.

Guests can simply call to cancel, and they’ll receive a Future Cruise Credit for the amounts paid toward your cruise fare within 30 days of cancelation that they can use toward another sailing in the future.

Cruise With Confidence FAQs
What sailings qualify for Cruise with Confidence?
Do the Future Cruise Credits expire?
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What if you want to use your Future Cruise Credit on a cruise that’s not the same price as the original booking?
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How is the value of the Future Cruise determined?
Do all rate codes qualify, including Non-Refundable Deposit fares?
How are Non-Refundable Deposit bookings impacted by this policy?
What happens if you used your FCC to pay for an existing cruise and now you wish to cancel under the Cruise with Confidence terms?
To qualify for the new Cruise with Confidence policy, what is the latest I can cancel a cruise that departs over the weekend?
Are Future Cruise Credits interchangeable between brands?
Do Groups reservations qualify for Cruise with Confidence?
Does Cruise with Confidence protect airfare?
What happens if you booked a pre- and post- hotel through the Celebrity Hotel Program?
Are cruise transfers refundable?
Do standard Final Payment timelines still apply?
What if I already purchased beverage packages and shore excursions and choose to cancel using Cruise with Confidence?
Can you choose to carry promotional amenities or value adds from their cancelled reservation to their future booking?
If I use Cruise with Confidence to cancel and then rebook using my Future Cruise Credit, will the promotional Onbaord Credit (OBC) and discounts I had on the original booking carry over?
What steps are we taking to prevent the spread of Coronavirus onboard?

Terms & Conditions

The "Cruise with Confidence" policy is applicable to selected bookings on sailings departing before 31 July 2020 subject to the terms below.

Future Cruise Certificate (“FCC”) Terms:

1. All guests shall be entitled to cancel their cruise booking(s) in exchange for an FCC subject to the terms below. The FCC can be used on any available future Royal Caribbean International, CelebrityCruises and Azamara (“Cruise Lines”) sailing departing up to 31 December 2021. Notification of the guestcancellation or change of ship and/or sail date must be received by the Cruise Lines at least 2 days priorto the holiday start date. Holiday start date includes any pre-hotel & cruise-tour packages bookedthrough RCCL.

2. Guests who have made full payment on their booking and are within 57 days of their sailing willreceive an FCC equal to the applicable Cruise Fare on their cancelled booking. Guests who have madefull payment against a non-refundable Air Fare will not receive a refund or FCC for this amount and musttake up a claim directly with the relevant airline partner or their insurance company.

3. Guests who have purchased refundable air fares, hotels, transfers, cruise taxes & prepaid gratuitieswill receive a full refund of these payments within 14 days of the request to cancel being received by the“Cruise Line” via your travel agent or directly to the “Cruise Line” call centre.

4. Guests who have paid the minimum cruise deposit or part-payment above the minimum cruisedeposit on their booking will receive a refund of any payment over and above the non-refundableelements on the booking within 14 days of the request to cancel being received by the “Cruise Line” andwill receive an FCC equal to the cruise deposit amount paid.

5. Guests who have pre-purchased shore excursions, drinks packages or any other amenity prior todeparture will have this cancelled and the value refunded to the guest within 14 days of the request tocancel being received by the “Cruise Line” via your travel agent or directly to the “Cruise Line” callcentre.

6. Alternatively, should Guests choose not to benefit from the “Cruise with Confidence” policy, Guestscan cancel their booking subject to the “Cruise Lines” standard cancellation penalty terms andconditions.Ship & Sail Date Changes Terms:

7. In addition to the above, Guests with an existing booking(s) or Guests making a new booking(s) andwho are outside of final payment, 57 days from departure, under the terms of this policy shall beentitled, subject to availability, to make one free change of ship and/or departure date to a later sailingup to 31 December 2021 subject to such change being made no later than 31 July 2020. Guest will notlose their deposit or be charged an amendment fee for such a change except for payment of anydifference in price between the original booking and the revised price for the new sailing which shall becharged at the prevailing rate. If the prevailing rate is lower than the original booking and the guest haspaid in full, the difference in price will be refunded to the guest. 

8. Guests participating in this policy will be able to book their new sailing with any promotional benefitsavailable at time of booking on their chosen new ship, sail date & category. Additional promotionalbenefits at the time of the original booking being created are not transferable to the new booking.

9. Existing bookings on sailings departing after 01 August 2020 that wish to change their booking to adifferent ship or sail date may be required to pay an administration charge (see “Cruise Lines” fullbooking conditions for details) and will lose any existing promotional benefits on their booking.

10. The “Cruise with Confidence” FCC is only redeemable against the Cruise Fare Element of the newbooking.

11. FCC’s acquired through the “Cruise with Confidence” policy are brand-specific and can only beredeemed on the Cruise Line brand where the cancellation occurred.

12. The “Cruise with Confidence” FCC is only redeemable through the same travel partner that originallymade the cancelled booking, or if this is not possible it can be redeemed through the “Cruise Line” callcentre.

13. The "Cruise with Confidence" policy is applicable to the cruise fare element of a booking only. Otherelements including but not limited to flights, hotels, tours or transfers may be subject to a separatedeposit, amendment fees and cancellation fees.

14. The “Cruise with Confidence” policy is offered independently of any form of compensation offeredto the voluntary 30-day suspension of sailings. Guests who opted for the “Cruise with Confidence” policyprior to the 30-day suspension of sailings cannot avail of any subsequently offered compensation.

15. Marketing & Affinity Group bookings are eligible to benefit from this policy. Contracted groupeligibility may vary. Charter sailings are not applicable.

16. This policy is applicable on any consumer promotion available at time of Redemption of the FCCexcept any form of Non-Revenue price promotion for example but not limited to: Seminars at Sea andprize winner staterooms. Free Air or reduced Air on an existing booking may not be transferrable oravailable on a new booking.

17. The policy only applies to bookings made in GBP and Euro currency via UK and Irish travel agents orthe Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara (“Cruise Lines”) call centre orwebsites.

18. For general booking conditions including advice on ATOL/ABTA protection, promotional terms andconditions, combinability restrictions, cancellation charges & other information, please refer to theRoyal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara (“Cruise Lines”) brochure, website orcontact your travel agent.

19. RCL Cruises Ltd reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify this policy, or any part of it, ifany fraud, technical failures, a change in applicable law or any other factor beyond RCL Cruises Ltd.’sreasonable control impairs the integrity or alters the proper functioning of or ability to implement thispolicy, as determined by RCL Cruises Ltd in its sole discretion. 20. RCL Cruises Ltd (company number 07366612) incorporated in England and Wales with registeredoffice address at Building 3, The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0NY.