Flights by Celebrity

What is Flights by Celebrity?

Why choose Flights by Celebrity?

How do I use Flights by Celebrity?

When can I book Flights by Celebrity?

Can I request my airline seats?

Will I accumulate miles if I’m an airline loyalty member?

I am travelling with an infant, do they need a ticket?

Can I check in for my flights online?

Do you offer travel insurance?

Is Flights by Celebrity available to all residents?

Will there be a service fee for using Flights by Celebrity to book my air?

Flights by Celebrity Fare Options

What type of air fares do you offer?

Why don’t I see basic economy fare options on my preferred airline?

What happens if I find a cheaper fare somewhere else?

Flights by Celebrity Itinerary Changes

Can I change my flights?

Can I cancel my flight?

What is your refund policy?

Why were my flights changed?

What happens when my flight is delayed?

Pay Later

Are all our fares refundable?

If I select a refundable fare, when is payment due?

How come when I select a refundable fare, I am being asked for credit card details?

How will I know that my flights have been confirmed without providing credit card details?

I have purchased one of these fares and I need to make a change, how will this be handled?

Are these fares fully refundable?

Is Pay Later available to all residents?

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