Cruise Photo

My family is traveling in multiple staterooms. Can I link multiple staterooms under one photo package?

How many printed photos will I receive if I order the "All Your Digital Photos + Prints" package?

How many photos can I expect to receive with an unlimited photo package?

We are celebrating a special event onboard. Can we book a private photographer to capture a group photo or event?

Are VAT refund receipts provided for qualifying guests that reside outside of the European Union?

Post-Cruise Photo Downloads

What is the Photo Cloud download service?

Do I have to register pre-cruise for photo cloud?

What are the advantages of downloading photos on the Cloud?

Does this change how I view my photos during my voyage?

Will I be able to buy individual photos, packages or both?

When will my photos be ready for viewing?

What if I don’t see all of my photos when I get home?

Can I make additional purchases after the voyage?

What if I want to change my selection of purchased photos?

How long will my photos be available for viewing?

How does this impact my Loyalty Program discounts?

Does the Cloud download process impact images purchased at the Private Studio*?

Photo Books

How do I build my photobook?

How many pages are in a Photo Book?

When will my photobook be delivered?

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