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Celebrity Cruises® App Set-up

How much does the Celebrity Cruises® app cost?

When can I download the Celebrity Cruises® app?

How do I download the Celebrity Cruises® app and log in pre-cruise?

How do I download the Celebrity Cruises® app onboard?

Do I have to purchase an Internet package to use the Celebrity Cruises® app onboard?

Celebrity Cruises® App Online Check-In:

How do I check in for my cruise?

Do I need an account to check in?

If I check in online can I view my Xpress Pass on the mobile app?

Can I add my boarding pass to Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, or Google Wallet?

How can I make changes to my check-in information after I've checked in?

Can more than one guest check in at a time on the Celebrity Cruises app?

How do I check in children on another reservation using the Celebrity Cruises app?

What languages are available for check-in?

How far in advance can I check in on the Celebrity cruises app?

How do I change my onboard expense account payment method?

At the Terminal/Expedited Arrival:

What is Expedited Arrival and how does it work?

How do I know when to get to the terminal?

I completed check-in via the app, but I don't see "Expedited Arrival" on my mobile Xpress Pass. What did I do wrong?

What happens when not all guests in a reservation qualify for the Expedited Arrival program?

What happens if my battery dies on my mobile device at the pier so I can't access my Xpress Pass?

Do I have to scroll all the way down to the end of the Cruise Ticket Contract before I can accept it?

Do I have an option to upload a photo from their mobile device in addition to taking a photo?

Are there any specifications/restrictions/requirements for the type of picture I can take when I check in on the app?

Can I find visa requirements for my cruise on the Celebrity Cruises app?

What do I have to know about scanning my passport during mobile app check-in?

If I don’t know my loyalty number, can I look it up in the Celebrity Cruises® app?

Can any guest check in on the app, regardless of travel document requirements?

How do I know which fields are mandatory when checking in on the app?

Celebrity Cruises® App Functions:

Will my existing reservations be reflected on the app?

Where can I find information on a certain voyage day’s information and activities?

Do you have deck maps on the app?

Can I chat on the app?