Accessible Staterooms

Do you require proof of disability to reserve an accessible stateroom?

Do you offer accessible cruises in the Galapagos?


What kind of assistance do you provide?

Do you provide priority boarding?

Do you offer accessible transfers?

Assistive Devices

Do you provide wheelchairs or scooters? 

Can I bring my own assistive devices with me? 

Must I store my assistive device in my stateroom?

Can my assistive device fit through the stateroom door?

Can I bring a CPAP or BIPAP machine?

Complaint Resolution Official (CRO)

What are CROs?


Do you offer accessible Cruisetours in Alaska?

What about other Cruisetours?


What if I need to eat at a certain time due to my diet and/or medication?

What if my desired dining time is closed?

Specialty Dining Gratuity

Are gratuities included when purchasing Specialty Dining?

Hearing Disabilities

Do you provide tactile interpreters?

Planning Ahead

Can I travel alone?

Service Dogs

Do you accept service dogs?

Can I bring dog food on board?

What health paperwork is required for service dogs? 


What is your tender policy?

Visual Disabilities

Do you provide braille formatted material?

What is a Qualified Reader?