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Incredible India is a celebration of diversity, color, and the unexpected. Explore the bustling city of Mumbai and experience a magnificent blast to the senses. Get your hands on smooth and colorful saris and exotic jewelry. Soak up the beach lifestyle in Goa, India. With its mix of spirituality, beach, and seafood, a fusion of the Portuguese and Indian cultures, it’s a place like no other. You can have it all with an invigorating yoga session, spicy gastronomic experiences, and a refreshing evening swim, all rolled into the same day. Dubai to the west is where Bedouin desert traditions connect with the ultimate in luxury and entertainment. Sail with Celebrity, and discover this amazing part of the world with every stop. Take full advantage of the different India and Dubai cruise ports. You’ll find shopping options for every taste, from the glitzy futuristic malls, to the local souks in Dubai. Or, for ultra-modern Dubai, make your way to the trendy rooftop terraces and restaurants, influenced by the international community that makes it such a unique place. Head to Dubai’s open desert for a ride on a camel, and drink some Bedouin tea. At the end of your cruise, India and Dubai will leave you wanting to come back.

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