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November 3, 2015


Top Things to Do in Juneau During Your Cruise

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska and with that accolade comes an interesting port of call while on an Alaska cruise. Juneau has a city feel yet all around you are soaring mountains and rugged scenery. It’s a thrilling dichotomy and will make you excited to explore this popular Alaskan port town. Here are some ways to spend your day while in Juneau.


Explore Juneau’s Downtown

Juneau’s downtown is historic and beautiful. Take time to wander down the streets of Juneau, where you can see old saloons and general stores, Victorian houses, restored governmental buildings from when the capital was first established, and more historic sites.

Shore Excursion Recommendation: Town, Tram, Trek and Tea


Glacier Wal

Juneau, Alaska is the jumping off point to explore the spectacular Mendenhall Glacier. You’ll be able to see the glacier in all its icy blue glory at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, which also provides views of the 1,500 square mile Juneau Ice Field, and impressive piece of land still frozen from the last ice age.

Shore Excursion Recommendation: Pilot’s Choice Glacier Explorer


Animal Fun in Juneau

If you’re an animal lover, Juneau provides many opportunities to see your favorite land or sea creature in action. Go on a dog sledding adventure, take a humpback whale watching tour,

Shore Excursion Recommendation: Alaska Sled Dogs and Musher Camp


Juneau Outdoor Adventures

Go sea kayaking, explore via a mountain hike, learn about local nature-oriented traditions and customs, go fishing, mine for gold, go ziplining — whatever your preferred outdoor adventure style, there is something in Juneau to get you experiencing the mountains, river,s and forests.

Shore Excursion Recommendation: Historic Gold Mining and Salmon Bake


Which shore excursion would you most want to do in Juneau?

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