Extraordinary vacations can transport you to new places by introducing you to new flavors and cuisines you may never had tried before. We believe that fine dining on vacation is just as important as the places you’ll visit, and on a great vacation, those two things go hand-in-hand. And we take that philosophy even further on Celebrity Beyond by bringing back the mouth-watering specialty restaurants created for Celebrity Edge® and adding to the list an incredible new restaurant created by our Global Culinary Ambassador, the world-renowned chef, Daniel Boulud.

Le Voyage

World renowned chef Daniel Boulud, our Global Culinary Ambassador, has created his first signature restaurant at sea—Le VoyageSM by Daniel Boulud. Just as the name implies, travel is the inspiration for the mouthwatering dishes Daniel created. The global flavors he’s infused into his menu are designed to give guests a taste of the places that inspire him. When you dine at Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud, you’ll experience a culinary journey that allows you to travel the world without ever leaving your table.

Fine Cut Steakhouse

Sink your knife and fork into the tender Grass Fed Lamb Chops, the Pan Roasted Maine Lobster Tail with creamy garlic sauce, or the Slow Roasted Cornish Game Hen. Beyond the delicious entrées, you’ll find a variety of classic starters, so every meal offers endless combinations, so you’ll always find exactly what you’re craving.

Le Grand Bistro

Inspired by classic French bistros, the mouthwatering sights, scents, and sounds of a bustling boulangerie-patisserie will excite you almost as much as the food itself. The ambience changes from morning to evening, and you have seating options that range from the planter-edged sidewalk to the inner café with stunning views of the sea. So, every time you eat here, it’s a whole new experience.

Le Petit Chef®

The world-renown artists of Skullmapping have reached a true pinnacle of their custom 3D table animation art form. This dining experience is beautifully choreographed with an elegant menu created by our chef.


Le Petit Chef offered on Celebrity Cruises® is simply one of the most unique dining events in the world.

Raw on 5

Raw on 5, with its whimsically sophisticated ambiance, is an intimate eatery that features an amazing array of delicacies from the sea and views of the horizon make the dining experience here even more incredible. The menu, available at the Magic Carpet® when positioned on Deck 5, will feature more casual offerings like shrimp salad, our signature lobster roll and sushi and sashimi prepared by our expert sushi chefs.

The Magic Carpet

No rush can compete with the way it feels to soar up to 13 decks above the sea on our cantilevered Magic Carpet®. First, you might wonder how we made the impossible possible, but then, you’ll simply surrender to the feeling of floating across the endless horizon as you drink, dine, or simply relax. But the Magic Carpet isn’t just one magical venue—it’s several—and each transformation it undergoes brings an entirely new way to experience this amazing place.

Rooftop Garden Grill

Get a taste of the great outdoors at Rooftop Garden Grill, nestled perfectly in its own delicious corner of the Rooftop Garden. Satisfy your cravings along with the most incredible ocean views around.

Eden Restaurant

Eden Restaurant continues to offer uniquely personal culinary journeys designed to not only excite your taste buds, but every other sense as well. Simple. Natural. Delicious. The experience in Eden restaurant is inspired by the cuisines and regions of the world.


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