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Explore Celebrity Apex’s stunning interiors and cutting-edge spaces in our photo galleries. Get a glimpse of her spectacular spaces in these Celebrity Apex® photos, where you’ll get a preview of her elegant restaurants, spacious accommodations, and lively lounges.


Photos of Celebrity Apex's Exterior

Admire Celebrity Apex’s innovative outward-facing design, which highlights the beauty of the open ocean unlike any other ship at sea.

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Accommodations on Celebrity Apex

Discover the premium accommodations aboard Celebrity Apex, which include visionary staterooms like the one-of-a-kind Infinite Verandas, where the living room transforms into an open air veranda with the push of button, and the indulgent suites, such as the two-story Villas, which come with a private plunge pool.

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Restaurants and Venues on Celebrity Apex

Go inside Celebrity Apex’s 29 restaurants, bars, and lounges, where you’ll enjoy world-class cuisine crafted by a chef and handcrafted cocktails made with artisanal ingredients.

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