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Our goal to open your world through the culinary experiences we provide comes to life on Celebrity ApexSM. We redesigned the main dining experience to include not one but four complimentary main restaurants—each with a distinctive design and ambience inspired by a specific region of the world. And now, we’re introducing delicious new menus and signature dishes across all our restaurants.

We’ve reinvented the main restaurant experience, but we haven’t changed the way you plan your dining. You can choose traditional seating (early or late), which allows you to enjoy dinner at the same table with the same waiter every evening. With traditional dining, you’ll be assigned one of the four main dining restaurants, while having the option to dine in the other three upon request.

You can also choose Celebrity Select Dining Plus that allows you to dine when, and in which of the four main restaurants, you like every night. Make reservations, if you want to eat at a specific time and restaurant, or simply stop in when you wish.

Cosmopolitan Restaurant

We know our current main dining experience across our fleet is one of the reasons guests sail with us time and time again. To maintain the essence of that experience on Celebrity ApexSM, we created the Cosmopolitan Restaurant—the next evolution of our current main restaurants. The walk-through wine display at the entrance sets the scene for the cuisine you’ll enjoy here—new American with global influences. With exclusive menus, discover favorite dishes prepared in exciting ways that make them brand-new favorites again.

Normandie Restaurant

With ties to our elegant Murano specialty restaurant on many of our ships, Normandie Restaurant features contemporary French cuisine in a modern, upscale, refined atmosphere that evokes the romance of springtime in Paris, with a color palette reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Enjoy regional European wines, deliciously uniquely cocktails, tantalizing starters, and mouthwatering entrées.

Cyprus Restaurant

Dear to our hearts, this restaurant represents our Greek heritage. We wanted to create a stunning atmosphere that would represent the Mediterranean fare served here, so we worked with world-renowned designer, Patricia Urquiola. In Cyprus, the menu’s main focus is seafood and features simple, clean dishes that celebrate the food and beverages of the Mediterranean region.

Tuscan Restaurant

Step inside and discover the delicious ambience—a modern classical design inspired by Italian fashion and film. Savor mouthwatering cuisine inspired by authentic southern Italian eateries. The meals here include Italian-inspired dishes, featuring all homemade pastas prepared with a rustic flare. Your taste buds will get a tour of southern Italy without even stepping ashore.

Exclusive Restaurants for The Retreat and AquaClass Guests

Luminae at the Retreat®

Dining on Celebrity Apex is an exclusive affair for guests of The Retreat with access to a private restaurant, Luminae at The Retreat. Luminae is sumptuously designed by Kelly Hoppen and features menus that change daily as well as selections from Chef Daniel Boulud that are not available in any other restaurant on board.


AquaClass® guests will enjoy this exclusive restaurant featuring clean, crisp flavors and inventive cuisine complemented by an extensive list of sustainable and bio-dynamic wines. Everything here is undeniably delicious. Pair all of that with personalized service, inviting surroundings, and natural light, and you have the fresh and bold experience of Blu.