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Can you guess where in the world this destination is from the clues below?

Text Clue

After a nearly 90 year battle between the French and the British, France conceded this country to the British by signing the treaty of Versailles. This country later gained its independence only to be seized by a Marxist military council. The capital city of just over 100,000 residents was built by the French in 1650 and the majority of its citizens are descendants of African slaves. An odd law here states that wearing your swimsuit in town will draw a fine equivalent to $270 USD. Key exports include mace, cocoa, and nutmeg.

Where in the World is This Destination?

St. George’s, Grenada

The island nation of Grenada consists of Grenada itself as well as six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, less than 100 miles off the coast of Venezuela. Grenada is known as the “spice island” as its one of the world’s top exporters of nutmeg and mace.

Pictured in the photo is Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park, the first of its kind in the world. The park is accessible by boat from the port of Saint George’s, 2 miles off shore. The statues are situated 40 feet below the surface and visited daily by scuba divers, snorkelers and glass bottom boats.

In 1983, US Marines, Delta Force, Navy Seals, and 7,600 US ground troops joined Jamaica and the RSS (Regional Security from Eastern Caribbean States) in invading Grenada to remove a Marxist regime with ties to Fidel Castro’s Cuba. The US was victorious in a matter of weeks and the military government disposed. The date of the invasion is now a national holiday in Grenada, called Thanksgiving Day.

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