Celebrity Cruises is starting a movement to address under-representation in travel marketing through our All-Inclusive Photo Project. In partnership with world-renowned photographers, we have created the world’s first open-source photo library featuring ethnic, disabled, curvy and LGBTQ+ changemakers. We invite our industry to join us in changing the face of travel.

The Photographers

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz, considered one of America’s best portrait photographers, began her career as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone magazine in 1970, while she was still a student at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her first major assignment was for a cover story on John Lennon. She became Rolling Stone’s chief photographer in 1973 and by the time she left the magazine, ten years later, her work was widely known. In 1983, when Annie joined the staff of the revived Vanity Fair, she continued to produce images that would be deemed iconic and provocative. She began collaborating regularly for Vogue in the late 1980s. In addition to her editorial work, Annie has created several influential advertising campaigns and has showcased her work in several books and exhibitions around the world.

Abby Chava Stein


Abby Stein is an award-winning author, international speaker, activist for transgender and LGBTQ rights and its intersections with Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and other fundamentalist religions, and an ordained rabbi.

John Forté with his wife,
Lara Fuller and children
Wren and Haile Forte


John Forté is an American recording artist, producer, filmmaker and activist. John’s latest album, Vessels, Angels & Ancestors is the transcendent representation of a global spiritual shift in consciousness.

Jillian Mercado
and Jacobi Jacobs


Jillian Mercado is an actress and American fashion model. As a wheelchair user (due to muscular dystrophy), she is one of the few professional models who has a visible physical disability in the fashion industry.


Jacobi Jacobs is a model, actor and activist.

Paola Mathé with her son Shaka Drake

Haitian-born Paola Mathe turned her personal style into a business in 2014 with the creation of Fanm Djanm (which means “strong woman” in Haitian Creole). She lives in Austin, TX and works as a social entrepreneur and creative director.

Rachel Fleit



Rachel Fleit is a film director, writer and proud advocate for people living with Alopecia based in Brooklyn, NY. Her most recent film, Introducing, Selma Blair is streaming now on Discovery+.

Waris Singh Ahluwalia and Maddie Moon

Waris Ahluwalia is driven by a deep and abiding desire to create stories, products and experiences that captivate, transport, and shift perception. Working across the globe, and across disciplines, Waris exhibits an unwavering commitment to creating a better world for humanity, nature and the wildlife that call it home.


Maddie Moon is a fashion designer exploring the relationship between tech and design to spark greater curiosity about ourselves and others.

Tarana J Burke

For more than 25 years, activist, advocate, and author Tarana J. Burke has worked at the intersection of sexual violence and racial justice. Her New York Times bestselling books You Are Your Best Thing and Unbound have illuminated the power of healing, vulnerability, and storytelling in the movement to end sexual violence.


Her husband Joseph is a seasoned Private Security Professional.

Giles Duley

An English portrait and documentary photographer. He is best known for his work documenting the those with physical disabilities. He is also a well-known activist for the rights of those living with disabilities caused by conflict.

Amy Conroy

Amy Conroy is a 4.0 triple paralympic wheelchair basketball player for Team Great Britain (GB). She represented GB in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London and the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Conroy co-captained the team to win Gold in the Under 25 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Beijing.

Monique Dior Jarrett

Monique Dior Jarrett is a National & International Wheelchair Dance Champion in the style of Ballroom and Latin. Monique is also one of five Directors and theMultimedia Manager in the Community Interest Company TripleC (Creative Confidence Collective) which works to improve access for people with disabilities within Arts and Education.

Aisha & Lexie

Lexie & Aisha are a model couple known as The Queer Nomads. Lexie is the founder of Queer Weddings UK, the first company in the UK that plans and coordinates weddings for LGBTQ+ couples, and Head of Operations at UK Black Pride. Aisha is the founder of Moonlight Experiences and a proud queer activist. She believes in using the economical power of LGBTQ+ tourism and nightlife to help amplify marginalised voices and transform communities. Aisha is the Head of Community Engagement at UK Black Pride.

Tim + Shaheen

Tim and Shaheen are a model couple for the Sandra Reynolds agency and Ugly Models. Tim does work for both sports and lifestyle shoots as well as acting. Meanwhile Shaheen is the Co-Founder of bonafide hr, an award-winning boutique human resource company based in London, focusing on the creative industries.

Jarrad Seng

Seng is an Australian photographer and filmmaker based in Perth. His work often mixes with his interests in music, travel and volunteering.

Ash Penfold

Living in Perth, Australia, Ash is a youth worker who is passionate about empowering at-risk youth and supporting them in finding career pathways. As a proud Indigenous man, Ash also has two businesses. Through these platforms, he is working to enrich the lives of not only fellow Indigenous peoples, but all Australians, by recognising and celebrating traditional Indigenous culture.

Esther Onek

Esther is a family and domestic violence advocate currently studying Law. Born in South Sudan, Esther made her way to Australia from a Kakuma refugee camp in 2003. Having struggled to fit in, coming from a refugee background, Esther’s mission is to make a difference - no matter how small - and fight for all people’s rights.

Jaimen + Jess Hudson

Jaimen is a 31 year old photographer living in Esperance, Australia with his wife, Jess, and family. Jaimen specialises in wildlife photography utilising drones, which became a hobby and passion following a motorcycle accident at the age of 17, leaving him quadraplegic. Droning enabled Jaimen to reconnect with the world, and in particular, with his love for the ocean.

Jess + Em

Jess and Em are a married, same-sex couple with a five year old daughter. Getting married in Australia was a huge moment for the couple, being able to legalise their relationship and have their loved ones witness the event, but to also give hope to their other queer friends that they can finally be celebrated for who they are.

Tegan Gasior

Tegan is an Indigenous woman living in Broome, Australia and is known for her time on Survivor in 2018. Going on Survivor, her goal was to become a role model for not only her three sons, but for Indigenous Australians, giving them someone to relate to on TV and feel represented.

Naima Green

A queer, Black photographer based in Brooklyn NY, Naima Green is known for her intimate portraits and creative activism challenging the status quo. Her work seeks to dismantle categories of gender, race and sexuality.

Micah Ramos

Micah Ramos is a Filipino, non-binary model who loves being a catalyst for individuality. Micah wants people to not be afraid to live life and show their true colors.

Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez is an actor and LGBTQIA+ advocate. He has a passion for the arts and all things pop culture.

Eri Vincent

Eri Vincent is a production makeup artist and beauty educator. When Eri is not on a set making people glamorous, she can be found in her hometown of Sarasota, FL where she owns Eri Vincent Makeup. Eri and her team regularly do work in bridal, fashion, production/tv, and film.

Saxsen Norton

Saxsen Norton is an actress and model from Winter Park, FL. She is in a wheelchair and a former paralympic athlete.

Joel Vazquez

Joel Vazquez is a 30 year old from Miami, FL and identifies as a double minority by being both Hispanic and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. He has a passion for travel and tourism.

Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones is a 22 year old from West Palm Beach, FL. Being biracial, she grew up learning and understanding that everyone is equal no matter who you are or what you look like.

Celebrity’s Bold Move to Change the Faces in Travel Marketing

If you personally don’t conform to the stereotypes portrayed in travel imagery, it’s all too easy to feel excluded, and to be daunted by the prospect of travel in a world where you do not feel represented. We think the travel industry could do better. And that’s why Celebrity Cruises has launched a bold and imaginative new campaign, the All-Inclusive Photo Project (AIPP).

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