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A Burnie cruise transports you into a gem of the Art Deco era. Many apartments, shops, and public buildings display the characteristic curved surfaces and strong lines of the Streamline Moderne style, a celebration of the industrial age.

On the coast, the new Makers’ Workshop—part contemporary museum, part visitor center—honors local innovators. View stunning architectural photos, try your hand at paper making, and browse for unique gifts to take back aboard your Tasmania cruise. In the Makers’ Cheese Shop, discover the local secrets of world-class cheese making—lush pastureland, temperate climate, salty environment—that produce creamy Camemberts, intense Blues, and sharp Cheddars.

The Burnie Regional Museum explores the town's 19th-century founding. Wander its charming Federation Street to see how people lived a hundred years ago. Re-creations include a boot maker, blacksmith, and printer. Next door, the Burnie Regional Art Gallery displays Australian artists. Inland at Hellyers Road Distillery, learn about single-malt whisky with a distinctive Tasmanian flavor—it's the water.

South of town, Guide Falls is an accessible waterfall with picnic areas and hiking trails, and the Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden showcases 22,000 rhododendrons and other plants on 27-acres of trails, lakes, and bridges—plus a platypus.

Farther inland, explore Wings Wildlife Park, a 100-acre home to frenzied Tasmanian devils, free-roaming kangaroos, and giant emus; catch views of Cradle Mountain from the shores of shimmering Dove Lake; or follow a boardwalk over the forest floor to Pencil Pine Creek and see spectacular waterfalls.

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1111 Lincoln Road

Don’t be fooled: 1111 Lincoln Road is much more than a parking lot—or, as developer Robert Wennett refers to it, a “parking sculpture.” The Herzog & de Meuron–designed concrete structure is a maze of curated retail shops (Osklen; Adidas; Y-3), a water garden, and an adjacent rooftop restaurant with expansive views of the city.

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