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Award-Winning Cruises to Antarctica

Visiting Antarctica is easier than you might think, especially if you’re not a fan of small ships. You can sail to the southernmost continent with us in comfort on a large luxurious ship that still has all the amenities and activities you love about cruising.

If you’re wondering how that is when you typically only hear about expedition ships, then you haven’t heard about our fabulous South America cruise itineraries that sail from Buenos Aires, Argentina, through Cape Horn and on to the northern regions of Antarctica, before returning to South America. You’ll travel on one of our world-class Celebrity-millennium ships, which feature 5-star service, gourmet dining, luxuriously appointed staterooms, and a fabulous lawn club with real grass that is perfect for sitting on to take in the icy scenery with a hot chocolate or toddy. Here’s what else you can expect on one of our upscale and easy-to-get-to Antarctica cruises.

Why An Antarctica Cruise Should Be On Your Bucket List

The highlights of Antarctica are all about the scenery and wildlife. It’s what makes this remote continent so enchanting and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

Massive Mountains

From your cruise ship you’ll see some of Antarctica’s stunning mountain peaks, including Rojas Peak and Bryde Peak. An Antarctica cruise will also take you in view of Petzvol Glacier and its snow crusted sides.

Whales and Wildlife

During an Antarctica cruise you’ll have the chance to see some of the world’s most incredible sea mammals up close and personal. Marvel at Humpback and Minke whales gliding gracefully through the water; spot elephant seals lounging on pristine rocks, and laugh at waddling penguins.

Icebergs and Bays

One of the most enthralling parts of Antarctica is how untouched it is by humans. The bays you’ll visit during your Antarctica cruise are a startling shade of blue and remarkably clear. Within the water you’ll see a scattering of icebergs in mesmerizing shapes and sizes.

Antarctica Cruise Highlights

The ports of call you’ll visit on an Antarctica cruise with us include gorgeous cities and remote towns along the southeast coastline of South America. You’ll have the chance to visit the vibrant cities and National Parks of Argentina, the lovely wine regions of Uruguay, and the exciting wildlife of the Falkland Islands.

Elephant Island

Paradise Bay

Schollaert Channel & Dalhan Bay

Things To Do On An Antarctica Cruise

During our Antarctica cruise itineraries, you’ll sail past glaciers and remote islands and can search for whales and other wildlife off your balcony.

Naturalist Narration

While sailing throughout Antarctica you’ll have a tour guide right on the ship with you. Each of our Antarctica cruise ships have a naturalist on board that narrate over the ship’s speakers what you’re seeing right outside the windows and decks of the ship.

Scenic Sailing

Your ship will take you past the views of some of Antarctica’s most majestic waterways, like Schollart Channel and Gerlache Strait as well as delight you in the rugged beauty of Paradise Bay and Elephant Island.

Our Award-Winning Antarctica Cruise Ships

Celebrity Infinity

Helpful Tips for an Antarctica Cruise


Our ships typically visit Antarctica in January and February, when it’s the height of the southern hemisphere’s summer.

Even though it will be summer, it will still be cold in Antarctica, so dress accordingly. Fortunately, the northern regions of Antarctica we visit don’t tend to get into the frigid below zero temps in the summer, and you’ll always be on the ship during your time to Antarctica, so there’s no need to invest in a snow suit worthy of a polar vortex! You will want a warm, wind-resistant jacket though, so you can enjoy time on the deck or your balcony and stay comfortable. Warm, sturdy boots will also come in handy for frosty mornings sipping coffee on your balcony as well as for shore excursions in the Falkland Islands.