Perceptions of PTO


To find out what it really means to be on vacation, we surveyed over 1,200 employees about their PTO habits. See what we discovered from the survey.

How Vacations Can Lessen Our Stress

Americans are 29% more stressed than those who took 2 or more vacations in the last year, survey shows. See what else we learned from our latest survey.

Impacts of Childhood Travel


What leads some travelers to journey abroad, while others stay within America's borders? We surveyed over 1,000 people to answer that question.

Connecting Food Around the World

Discover how your favorite world cuisines compare on ingredients, complexity, and taste with this fascinating interactive infographic.

World Famous Dishes

Over 9.6 million posts were analyzed to identify the world’s most famous dishes. Discover the most talked-about food with this interactive website.

Music Mapped

Where are the most sung about places around the world? Use the interactive map to find out!

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