Testing & Screening

Am I required to take a COVID-19 Test prior to embarking on my cruise?

How do I calculate which days I may take my pre-cruise COVID-19 test?

What Type of COVID-19 Tests are Accepted?

What health screening measures are being taken at the terminal on boarding day? 

Am I required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to sail on Celebrity Cruises?

Are COVID-19 Booster Vaccines required to sail on Celebrity Cruises?

How far in advance of my cruise do I need to be vaccinated?

What vaccines are accepted? 

Will laminated vaccination cards be accepted?

Will I be considered fully vaccinated if my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is from one manufacturer and the second dose is from another?  

If I’ve had Covid-19 and am recovered with a negative test result, but am not vaccinated, am I permitted to board with a Certificate of Recovery issued by my doctor?

If I lost my original vaccination card, but am able to show electronic proof of vaccination on a government sponsored site/app, will that be accepted as proof of vaccination?

Are photos or photocopies of the original vaccination card accepted as proof of vaccination?

What are the requirements and restrictions for guests who decline, or are unable to show proof of vaccination?

What if my child is turning the age for vaccine eligibility right before our cruise, or during our cruise, and cannot get vaccinated in time?

Are there any restrictions for unvaccinated children who are ineligible for the vaccine?

If I test positive for COVID-19 right before my cruise, at the terminal, or on the cruise, what is your refund policy and what associated costs are covered? 

Will I have to sign a COVID-19 waiver or other legal agreement to board the ship?

Do I need to use the Celebrity Cruises App to meet new safety policy requirements? What if I don't have a smartphone?

Are there any health restrictions or pre-existing condition limitations, due to COVID-19, for cruise guests?

What types of Telehealth Tests, such as Abbot Brand Tests, are acceptable for meeting my pre-cruise testing requirements?

Is Celebrity accepting Certificates of Recovery?  If I have recently recovered from COVID-19, what documentation am I required to provide? 

What is the difference between a fully vaccinated guest and an up-to-date guest?

What if I cannot get vaccinated due to a pre-existing allergy? What if I am not vaccinated for religious reasons? What if I have recently recovered from COVID-19 and am not now eligible to be vaccinated?

Is a Certificate of COVID-19 Recovery a Vaccination Accommodation?

Boarding Day and Terminal Protocols

What is the definition of a traveling party?

If I'm denied boarding at the pier or arrive late, can I board the ship at the next port? 

If I’m vaccinated and in the same traveling party as an unvaccinated guest who tests positive for Covid-19 at the terminal, what is the protocol?

Am I able to get off of the ship once I’ve boarded to explore the city, as long as I return before the boarding time closes?

Do I need a health visa to visit the Bahamas as a port of call?

As a guest of The Retreat®, will I still have a separate check-in area and lounge area available to me?

Are there any new luggage recommendations or restrictions?

I have read the new health policies and procedures, and I am unsure at this time if I want to cruise. Can I change or cancel my booked cruise?

Where can I find the updated Guest Health, Safety and Conduct Policy and the Refusal to Transport Policy?

Are there any new policies or procedures for service animals?

When can I check-in for my cruise?

Cleaning & Sanitization

What are your cleaning and sanitization standards on the ship? What guidelines apply, and how do you know they are sound? How is the crew trained to implement them effectively?

How are you ensuring guests are washing and sanitizing their hands?

Will there be hand sanitizer provided in the stateroom and around the ship?

Will you provide any personal protective equipment onboard like masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes?

100% Fresh, Filtered Air

How is air circulated and filtered on board? Is the air safe on board a cruise ship? 

While On Board

Where and when will physical distancing be required on board? How will this be enforced?

How full will the ship be? Will there be fewer guests on board than usual to promote physical distancing?

Will you still require the guest safety muster drill? How will this be conducted safely?

How are my linens and towels washed to ensure they are sanitized?

Are there any experiences or venues that are closed?

Will room service still be available?

Are reservations required for dining, and will there be limits on party sizes at your restaurants? 

What services for guests of The Retreat® will be available and what will be discontinued?

How will the new health and safety protocols affect The Retreat Lounge?

Can guests still expect the regular delivery of advertisements and flyers, such as the Celebrity Today, to their stateroom?

Are consecutive/back-to-back cruises still an option for guests? 

Will I be required to wear a mask onboard?

24/7 Medical Care

If a guest or crew member starts feeling unwell during a voyage, what steps are taken? Can you test for SARS-CoV-2 while on the cruise, and if so, how soon do you have results?

If a guest or crew member tests positive on board, what is your response plan?

If I’m vaccinated and in the same traveling party as an unvaccinated guest who tests positive for Covid-19 at the terminal, what is the protocol?

If a guest tests positive and is moved to isolation, what care and amenities will be available to them? 

How is the medical center equipped to handle a possible COVID-19 case? What medical services are offered on board the ship for the evaluation and treatment of COVID-19?

What is the cost for onboard medical care and testing for COVID-19-related concerns?

Will I need to quarantine or isolate when I return to the U.S. from my cruise?

Will crew members be vaccinated and wearing personal protective equipment like masks?

How are crewmember areas and rooms cleaned? Are crew members expected to abide by similar policies as the guests?

While Ashore

How do you decide if it is safe for the ship to visit a destination? 

Will I be required to purchase a Celebrity shore excursion while visiting ports of call? 

Do I need a health visa to visit the Bahamas as a port of call?

What is Celebrity’s Shorex Policy?

What is the policy for unvaccinated children?

Group Bookings

Will groups be allowed to bring outside gifts or goods for stateroom deliveries?  Additionally, are shipboard food and beverage items still available for stateroom delivery? 

Are the onboard conference centers still accessible to host group meetings and events?

Captain's Club

Why are Captain’s Club Benefits changing?

As a Select and above member, will I still have priority embarkation benefits?

How will processes related to the Captain’s Club program be different?

Will the Captain’s Club member events onboard be changing? If so, how?

Will there be any changes to Zenith Benefits?


Will the Galapagos be open to all markets to book, or is it only specific markets?

Will guests be able to purchase cruise only?

Will guests be able to purchase tours? Or is it just the 7-night cruise available?

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