Flights by Celebrity

What is Flights by Celebrity?

How do I use Flights by Celebrity?

When can I book Flights by Celebrity?

Can I request my airline seats?

Will I accumulate miles if I’m an airline loyalty member?

I am travelling with an infant, do they need a ticket?

Can I check in for my flights online?

Do you offer travel insurance?

Is Flights by Celebrity available to all residents?

Flights by Celebrity Fare Options

What type of air fares do you offer?

Why don’t I see basic economy fare options on my preferred airline?

Flights by Celebrity Itinerary Changes

Can I change my flights?

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What is your refund policy?

Why were my flights changed?

What happens when my flight is delayed?

Pay Later

Are all our fares refundable?

If I select a refundable fare, when is payment due?

How come when I select a refundable fare, I am being asked for credit card details?

How will I know that my flights have been confirmed without providing credit card details?

I have purchased one of these fares and I need to make a change, how will this be handled?

Are these fares fully refundable?

Is Pay Later available to all residents?