Patricia Urquiola, Lead Designer Eden

The Design

Once the multi-level ship design was established, we wanted to work with an interior designer who could help bring our vision to life—literally. The natural elements of Eden needed to prevail, so we turned to world-renowned designer Patricia Urquiola.

Having won several international awards including the Gold Medal in Fine Arts awarded by the Spanish government, we knew a collaboration with Patricia was exactly what was needed to achieve the breathtaking space we envisioned for Eden. Together we created a place that offers countless experiences as the space transforms.

Patricia’s Design on Edge

It all begins with Journey to Eden, a unique art installation that leads to the venue and delivers a tranquil garden escape where you can open your mind and prepare yourself for the combination of sensory experiences that lie ahead. The design itself is constantly changing—chillful in the morning, playful in the afternoon and sinful at night—a concept Patricia executes flawlessly. No matter what time of day or night, every visit to Eden will leave you intrigued and wanting more.

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Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen, MBE, Lead Designer Staterooms

Famed London designer Kelly Hoppen took the design lead on Celebrity Edge’s accommodations—bringing her deceptively simple, warm, harmonious palette into rooms that serve as your primary vacation retreat. Kelly’s vision evokes the intimacy of an inviting, indulgent urban apartment…that just happens to open out onto the most beautiful scenery in the world.

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Scott Butler

Scott Butler, Lead Architect Eden

With Eden, Scott wanted to introduce the industry-shattering concept of outward facing spaces designed to build a greater connection between guests and the sea. What he succeeded in creating is a multi-level, architectural masterpiece, delivering a transformational space that organically blends nature with design. In his next endeavor on Celebrity Edge, The Theatre, Scott created a contemporary space designed to blur the line between audience and performance, The Theatre immerses you in an unparalleled entertainment experience where the performances are as innovative as the space itself.

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