Find Out the Best Excursions in Grand Cayman During a Cruise

When you take a cruise to Grand Cayman, your ship will pull into port in George Town. Some of the best excursions in Grand Cayman can be found in this pretty port city, or you can venture beyond the city on excursions that take you to some of the most scenic and adventuresome parts of the island. You’ll be the talk among all your friends and family when they see pictures you post from your Grand Cayman shore excursion!

Snorkel Grand Cayman’s Crystal Clear Waters

The sea water surrounding Grand Cayman is some of the clearest in the world, making it a prime place for snorkeling. Adding to the allure of a snorkeling excursion in Grand Cayman are all of the different types of sea life you can see. You’ll have the chance to see angelfish, eels, and an assortment of other fish and coral. A highlight for many snorkelers who are lucky to see them are the hawksbill turtles that often hang out around Grand Cayman.

If you want to guarantee your chances of swimming alongside sea turtles, head to Cayman Turtle Farm’s Turtle Lagoon for one of the best snorkeling excursions in Grand Cayman.

The sea bottom off the coast of Grand Cayman is also the location of many shipwrecks. A popular one to do is the Wreck of the Gamma located near the south end of Seven Mile Beach. The Wreck of the Gamma actually sticks partially out of the water which makes this an excellent wreck to explore for beginner snorkelers.

Another popular place to go during a snorkel tour is Stingray City – this special area of Grand Cayman is such a big draw for visitors to the island that it deserves its own category so read on to find out more!

Pet Stingrays at Stingray City

Arguably the best shore excursion in Grand Cayman, Stingray City is a unique sandbar by the island that plays host to hundreds of stingrays each day who come to the bay that makes up Stingray City to feast.

What do they feast on? Well, it used to be the fish remains that fishermen would dump back into the ocean and that’s what originally drew the stingrays to this particular area of the Caribbean Sea. The stingrays stuck around and soon it became known as a great place to see stingray in the wild. The fishermen have mostly left the area, but the stingrays remain to get snacks from the many tourists who visit each day.

A few important things to note when planning a shore excursion to Stingray City have to do with the regulations for the bay. There are many restrictions on how to anchor a boat there and how to interact with the stingrays which is why it’s important going with a reputable tour operator who knows the sandbar well. He or she will show you how to properly interact with the stingrays and how to feed them so both you and these graceful sea creatures stay safe and unharmed.

You typically will get snorkel gear to view the stingrays underwater, but this isn’t a typical snorkeling excursion since the water is only two to three feet deep, meaning you can easily stand up in it.

Segway Tour Along the Beach

A Segway ride is something most people want to try at some point in their lives just to say they’ve done it so why not do it in Grand Cayman? Segway pictures are always a fun conversation starter and you’ll enjoy telling people about why a Segway tour was one of the best excursions in Grand Cayman. A Segway is a motorized platform that you stand on with a handle bar coming up from that platform. You move it around by leaning and pushing or pulling the handlebar in the direction you want to go. It’s a different type of feeling and a fun way to get around. Adding to the neat experience of doing a Segway tour in Grand Cayman is being able to do it along the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach so you can take in phenomenal tropical scenery while you ride around on this unique mode of transportation.

Private Beach Bliss

An excellent way to spend a lazy, sunny day on Grand Cayman is by visiting a private beach. You can even make it a historic beach experience by going to the White House beach that has facilities located in a colonial mansion. This lovely private beach also has a 6,000 square foot deck right over the water where you can get a bite to eat or a drink made by the resident mixologist.

Get a Tropical Bird’s Eye View of Seven Mile Beach

See Seven Mile Beach without lots of other people milling about you by experiencing its beauty from above. A helicopter tour that travels over Seven Mile Beach will let you fully appreciate the beauty of the beach and the stark difference between the aquamarine water and the white sand beach dotted with bright green palm trees.

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