From the moment they stepped aboard Celebrity Horizon on their first cruise with us in 2003, to their latest cruise on Celebrity Silhouette in the Eastern Caribbean, Rob and Sue Brown of Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, absolutely love Celebrity Cruises. Combined, they’ve sailed over 1,800 days on Celebrity ships and just completed their one hundredth sailing!

When we asked what keeps them coming back to Celebrity time and time again, their answer was clear—it’s the staff on board.

“Celebrity goes beyond the usual cruise experience. The crew is the Celebrity extra touch. They recognize the little things that make a difference. They are so well trained. They love their jobs. They provide personal attention. They take you under their wing.”

They’ve sailed Summit so often, they’ve developed friendships with many crew members. The crew is “constantly doing wonderful things for us. In our experience, these kinds of things don’t happen on other cruise lines.”

Sue notes that aboard Summit, there’s a waiter named Ricardo who has been with Celebrity for 30 years. On a recent sailing he came to say hello to the Browns even though they were not seated in his section. Rob and Sue were onboard celebrating Rob’s birthday and their anniversary, which are both on October 31. It turned out that Ricardo’s birthday and wedding anniversary are also on October 31. That of course re-enforced an old bond.

In an effort to connect with the staff, Rob even learned how to say “Thank You” in over 30 languages—all of the languages of the crew he encountered. Luckily for us, he was willing to share his cheat sheet. Check it out in the gallery below!

We asked the Browns to share their all-time favorite cruising experience with us. It was hard, but we finally managed to get them to narrow it down to two.

 The first was the cruise they took to explore the Galapagos Islands aboard Celebrity Xpedition. Sue was even happy to get up close and personal with the island’s iguanas.

The second was when they became Zenith members aboard Reflection in 2014. Quite an achievement!

“Walking onto a ship is like New Year’s Eve with fireworks going off. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe. There is a magic,” said Sue. When they come on board it’s not “Welcome aboard” they hear, but “Welcome home.”

 On your next sailing, be on the lookout for Rob and Sue. “The Celebrity Family is something that is so special to us.” They’ll consider you part of their family, too.

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