A Cause Near and Dear to Our Hearts

These times continue to be something we never could have imagined. Like all of us, our crew are coping with the uncertainty of the world today and they have been especially hard hit by it. As you know, all of our crew are now home after months of herculean efforts to make that happen.

Now, our crew are waiting until we return to sailing and they can return to earning their livelihoods. Over the summer, we created a new support program called, RCL Cares, offering free and confidential counseling, and financial assistance for those crew members experiencing real hardship from the loss of income. Through this fund, we have helped thousands of our crew members to date with mortgage payments, medical bills and other family care needs.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help support our crew. While our industry is on pause, there is another organization that is needed more than ever to support our crew - the Seafarers’ House in Port Everglades. For 30 years, they have served as a welcoming place for our crew to secure essentials during turnaround days, receive guidance and seek emergency help – and Celebrity Cruises has supported them from the beginning.

This organization is dear to my heart and that is why it is especially meaningful to me to receive the Seafarers’ House of Port Everglades Golden Compass Award for distinction in the maritime world and in service of seafarers this fall, during their annual fundraising gala on September 26.

We are making a very special donation to this organization and we invite you to join us in some way, however big or small.

We often say that we are all family at sea, and this has never been more true than the last few months of looking after one another. Mariners need our support like never before until our industry returns to sailing.

If you would like to make a donation to Seafarers’ House (tax-deductible for US citizens), go to their website and click on the Donate button in the top right corner.

Thank you all so very much for all you have done for our amazing crew throughout the years. #WeCan’tWait to be sailing with all of you once again.

Until then, take good care,


As a Captain’s Club member, you know better than anyone how exciting it is to discover new places with us—to marvel at the natural wonders, meet the locals, experience the culture, and savor the flavors. That’s why we’re always searching the world to find more incredible places to share with you. And, just when you think you’ve been everywhere with us, we can still pull off some surprises. As we look forward to the time we can start sailing again, we’ve rounded up some of our brand-new Europe ports for our 2021 season and beyond. We hope they inspire you to start planning your next Celebrity vacation.

Hydra, Greece

You’ll notice something different the moment you step ashore in Hydra. There isn’t a single car, motorcycle, or even bicycle in sight. They’re not allowed on this peaceful Greek island that’s perfect for a relaxing respite. Hydra’s rustic beauty makes it a hot spot for artists, writers, and celebrities, so keep your eyes peeled for A-listers as you stroll the bougainvillea-lined streets. One of our favorite celebrities—Celebrity Infinity®—will sail here in 2021, so you can explore the island’s iconic mansions, unwind at its stunning beaches, live it up at the local tavernas, and more.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece’s second biggest city, Thessaloniki, is home to a picturesque waterfront, 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and more than 30 eye-opening museums. Here in Greece’s cultural capital, some of the most fascinating periods of history converge, with relics from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires and easy access to a variety of storied archeological sites. Wander the city’s charming cobblestone streets, browse its bustling markets, or dance, drink, and dine your way through the vibrant Ladadika district. We’re thrilled that Celebrity Infinity® is sailing to this incredible city, and we know you will be, too.

Zakynthos, Greece

The competition for Greece’s best beach is fierce, but you’d be hard pressed not to hand the title to Navagio Beach on Zakynthos. This secluded cove is nestled between dramatic cliffs rising from the crystal-clear waters. A washed-up vessel perched mysteriously on its white sands adds to the beach’s allure. With such iconic beauty, it’s no wonder Zakynthos has inspired artists and poets since ancient times. If you’re the active type, hike up Skopos Hill for panoramic views. Nature lover? Step aboard a Greek caique boat and go turtle spotting in the Bay of Laganas. Zakynthos is an exciting addition to our 2021 lineup of ports on Celebrity Constellation®.

Taranto, Italy

Taranto is tucked into the heel of Italy, combining Old-World charm with captivating coastal scenery. Stroll the narrow streets of Borgo Antico, where you’ll find historic sites like the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Temple of Poseidon. Take in seaside views along the Lungomare Vittorio Emanuel promenade. Savor the delicious local flavors at an olive oil or wine tasting. Kick back and relax at the area’s sun-soaked beaches. And venture to must-see archeological sites, such as Sassi di Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s home to ancient limestone cave dwellings. Tantalized by Taranto? Celebrity Constellation® will sail here in 2021.

Last month, we pulled back the curtain on The Theatre on Celebrity ApexSM, with its exciting new lineup of shows and jaw-dropping technology. Now, we’re taking you on a journey through Eden, which thanks to your insightful feedback and the creative genius of our production and culinary teams, has evolved into an entirely new experience from when we first launched it on Celebrity Edge®. With all-new programming, Eden is an ever-evolving, multi-sensory experience that transitions from chillfull to playful to wonderful across the day and offers incredible new experiences throughout your vacation.

Eden by Day

Daytime at Eden is an invitation to expand your horizons with an array of eye-opening new activities. Develop your green thumb with a horticulture class. Pick up some impressive origami skills. Find your center with guided meditation. And channel your inner artist with some interactive art experiences. During the day at Eden, there’s something to satisfy all your passions—and maybe even inspire a few new ones.

Eden by Night

After the sun dips below the sea, Eden comes alive with a series of tantalizing new nightly events designed to awaken your sense of wonder in unique and exciting ways. There’s Night of the Year, a grand gala that lets you celebrate like it’s New Year’s Eve any time of year. A Night of Enchantment will warm your heart with romantic love letter readings, dancing, and more. Surrender to the relaxing pleasures of Night of the Chill, as Eden transforms into a soothing lounge vibe. This is just the beginning. Each night you visit Eden, you’ll encounter a new fusion of music, libations, and interactive experiences unlike anything else at sea.

Eden Restaurant

Get ready for an all-new culinary experience at Eden, too. The new menu and wine list are rooted in nature, drawing inspiration from the regions we visit. Enjoy a selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, while watching our chefs put their finishing touches on each culinary creation in the beautiful open kitchen. Featured dishes include roasted Carabineros shrimp from Spain, a duet of filet mignon and mini short ribs wellington, and sheep’s milk ricotta gnocchi with smoked pecorino cheese. This is just a taste of the  expertly executed dishes you’ll find here that are each as beautiful as they are delicious

Member Spotlight

This month, we’ve decided to turn over the stage and let you entertain us for a change. First, because we miss you. And second, because we’d love to see how you’ve spent these last few months. People all over the world have used this time to sharpen some skills, pick up some new ones, and spend some quality time with loved ones. So, we checked in with a few of you to find out what you’ve been up to all this time. Take it away, Captain’s Club members!


Jennifer Stanton

Zenith Member


Q. What have you been up to?



A. In April, I turned my backyard into “The Retreat“ with an inflatable pool, which has kept me sane all summer. I also set up a little home gym. My workout partner is my cat, Cupcake.

Q. What do you miss most about sailing with Celebrity?


A. This is the longest I’ve not been on a Celebrity ship since 2010. I know that’s a first-world problem, but living in South Florida, I’m so used to booking a last-minute sailing and just hopping on a ship. I miss the excitement of embarkation day, the familiar feel of being on board my home away from home, the first cocktail at the Martini Bar or The Retreat.

Q. What is the first cruise you'd like to take when we return to sailings?

A. I’m very interested in the Celebrity Reflection® crossing to Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities. I will happily take a cruise to nowhere as soon as it’s safe. The first thing I’ll do is open the balcony door, smell the sea air, feel the wind in my hair and raise a glass of Prosecco to the return of normal, even if that’s a new normal.


Q. What message would you like to share with your fellow members?

A. I’ve made so many lifelong friendships while sailing on Celebrity, and absolutely can’t wait until it’s safe and we can get together. When it’s time to get back on board I feel like it will be a bonding experience that we will share.

Q. Do you have a special message for the crew, as well?

A. I hope the crew knows how much I appreciate them, how concerned I was watching Celebrity try to get them home. It’s always a nice surprise sailing with crew members that you remember from other cruises or other ships. I hope that the crew will be as excited as I am when it’s finally safe to sail.


Stephen and Tracey Gordon

Elite Plus Members


Q. What have you been up to?



A. We are both retired Canadian Military and have always lead an active life. We are now easily finding time to get out kayaking, and hiking and Tracey is perfecting some of those great Celebrity recipes that you are kindly sending us

Q. What do you miss most about sailing with Celebrity?


A. SOOO Much. Pre-Covid-19 we were booked on back to back cruises, one out of Singapore originally going to India and finishing in Dubai. Then cruise two was from Dubai to Suez, Greece and Rome. We are still trying to get over the depression, (LOL), that we have suffered with their cancellation. However, I am confident that once we all get the "All Clear" that a couple of Celebrity cruises should been right medicine to bring us around to normal again

Q. What is the first cruise you'd like to take when we return to sailings?

A. Well, never are we ones to hesitate and by our nature ever the optimist.  We have already booked back to back cruises for the Summer of 2021. Covid-19 willing, the first will be a British Isles Cruise then carrying on with the Scandinavia and Russia cruise. Most often the first ring that we do once on ship is to sit for a decompression drink or two and plan our dining options. As well we firm up our planed excursions while waiting for our luggage to meet our state room


Q. What message would you like to share with your fellow members?

A. Many of the people reading this are Captains Club members and devotees and with that comes loyalty and the enjoyment that being a part of the club brings to all of us both onshore and onboard ship. But I believe we all have had about enough of the onshore benefits and are likely all looking forward to racking up some more days onboard ship and the points that go with it. Lets all stay positive, healthy excited with our future cruise

Q. Do you have a special message for the crew, as well?

A. Being a Captain Club members often means that most of us have experienced multiple adventures and itineraries abroad Celebrity Cruise Ships, which are well known by to be top tier cruise ships around the world of cruising. However, as great as these ships are, the heart of the ship is it's crew members and officers. If there is one outstanding thing, and there are many, Celebrity crew service no matter what their position or duty is consistently above expectations. How these professional crew people consistently transform their ship from one cruise to another in such a short period of time and then greet everyone with an attitude that you are now my number one priority, continually amazes us. One of the other great things that has happened to us is meeting old crew member friends from previous Celebrity cruises onboard other Celebrity ships, sometime years apart and in different parts of the world. It says to us a lot about their loyalty and to Celebrity and their guests. We also want to wish all Celebrity crew members and officers, as well as all their families and loved ones a safe return to service onboard their next cruse ship assignment. See you all soon.

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Destination of the Month

The Baths at Virgin Gorda

We’re capping off this month’s newsletter with some travel inspiration, and dream destinations don’t get much dreamier than this one—The Baths at Virgin Gorda. This natural formation is one of the most iconic and popular spots in the British Virgin Islands (and easily accessible from our port of call in the area, Tortola). This collection of smooth granite boulders creates an otherworldly labyrinth of coves, hidden rock pools, and grottoes, such as the Cathedral Room, where total bliss awaits as you float in the crystal-clear water. As if that weren’t enough, The Baths are also home to a collection of beautiful beaches only accessible by ladders or guide ropes. Devil’s Bay, in particular, is well worth the journey, and you’ll feel like you’ve found your own personal slice of paradise.