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Waterford (Dunmore East), Ireland- Ireland's oldest city, Waterford, was founded by Vikings in 914 A.D. and parts of its ancient walled core still stand. Explore the area’s history and heritage with a visit to the archaeological finds on display at the Waterford Museum of Treasures. The Waterford Crystal factory is another must-see on your Waterford cruise, where craftsmen, glass blowers, cutters and engravers have been crafting elegant crystal creations since 1783. Another way to come face to face with Waterford’s Viking and Norman past is to head to the Viking Triangle where you’ll find the best museums in all the country. Reginald’s Tower, the oldest standing building in the city that dates back to the 13th century and is the first structure to use mortar in its construction. The tower once served as a prison, an arsenal, and a mint. Almost 300 years of Waterford’s history can be found under the single roof of an old Georgian mansion known as Bishop’s Palace. All sorts of period flatware, furniture and other items can be found here, including a Waterford crystal decanter from the late 1700s.

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