Unsolicited Ideas Policy

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiaries (“Company”, and “we”) do not accept, review, or consider any Unsolicited Ideas sent, submitted, or otherwise made available to the Company.

We maintain this policy to avoid any misunderstandings and/or disputes that may arise because of similarities between Unsolicited Ideas and Company Business.

As used herein, “Unsolicited Ideas” means any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, works, proposals, concepts, designs, technologies, processes, strategies, activities, campaigns, promotions, and the like- in any form, tangible or intangible, oral or written- including any materials that are copyrighted or copyrightable, patented or patentable, or otherwise subject to the ownership interest of or a claimable ownership interest of an individual that is not the Company that relates to the alteration, adaption, modification, improvement, or the like, of Company property, Company goods, services, or products, or the Company’s business activities, generally, including those in existence, contemplated, and/or in stages of development (collectively, “Company Business”); “Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.” means Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries.


We welcome and appreciate your feedback regarding areas of the Company’s business.

When you contact us, write to us, or otherwise communicate with us to provide feedback, it is important that you provide only specific feedback on areas of the Company’s existing businesses, including the goods, services, and products the Company currently offers. Do not include any Unsolicited Ideas/Submissions (as defined in this Notice and the Terms and Conditions). The Unsolicited Idea Terms and Conditions are applicable to any such Unsolicited Idea Submission, even if incorporated with feedback.

By providing feedback, you acknowledge and agree that no obligation of confidentiality exists related to such feedback, and the Company may use such feedback without limitation or restriction.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all Unsolicited Ideas sent, submitted, or otherwise communicated or made available- in any form- (“sending”) to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

  1. You acknowledge that these terms and conditions are non-negotiable, and you agree that any edit to or provision of terms and conditions in addition to these Terms are expressly rejected by the Company, are null and void, and of no legal effect;

  2. You represent and warrant that you have sole claimed or claimable ownership interest in, and that, to your knowledge, no other individual or entity has any claimed or claimable ownership interest(s) in, the Unsolicited Idea(s) you submit to Company, the content thereof, intellectual property therein, or intellectual property related thereto- in whole or in part (the “Submission”);

  3. You acknowledge that the Submission is made voluntarily, and you agree that no obligation is created or assumed by the Company related to or in connection with the Submission, including without limitation any obligation for the Company to review, consider, or return the Submission;

  4. Upon sending the Submission to the Company, the Submission, and any claimed or claimable ownership interest(s) therein, shall become the property of the Company without any compensation or any other benefit owed or payable to you, to any other individual or entity for or on your behalf, or to any individual or entity on whose behalf you are acting;

  5. Upon sending the Submission to the Company, you unequivocally waive any claimed or claimable ownership interest(s) in or to the Submission and/or irrevocably assign any and all ownership interest(s) in and to the Submission to the Company, including any and all rights and remedies related to the Submission;

  6. You acknowledge that the Company may use and redistribute, alter , adapt, modify , improve, and the like, the Submission- in whole or in part- without limitation or restriction whatsoever; you unequivocally waive any right to approve the aforementioned, any claim of ownership interest as a result of the aforementioned, including to derivative work, and any claim to compensation or benefit arising from or related to the aforementioned;

  7. You acknowledge that no obligation of confidentiality exists related to the Submission and agree to unequivocally waive any such obligation of confidentiality;

  8. You acknowledge that no legal relationship exists between you and the Company by virtue of your Submission and agree that you will neither act nor represent that any such relationship exists;

  9. You acknowledge that other individuals or entities, including employees, contractors, and business partners of the Company may have sent material that is identical or similar to the Submission; you agree that the Company may use and redistribute, alter, adapt, modify, improve, and the like, such materials and that you unequivocally waive any claims of ownership interest and/or compensation or benefit in or arising from or related to the aforementioned; and

  10. You release the Company, its parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates, the officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, business partners, assigns, and successors thereof, from any liability, loss or damage which may arise as a result sending the Submission.

  11. The Governing Law, Forum Selection and Dispute Resolution and Arbitration provisions of the Digital Terms of Use and End User License Agreement are hereby incorporated by reference into these terms and conditions, and shall govern in the event of any dispute arising or relating to this Unsolicited Idea Policy, an Unsolicited Idea or a Submission.


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