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Labadee, Haiti: The pristine port of Labadee is a Royal Caribbean, Ltd. private resort on the northern shores of Haiti. Surrounded by dense forest, this secluded paradise is filled with exclusive activities including rollercoasters like the Dragon’s Tail Alpine Coaster, the 2,600-foot-long Dragon’s Breath, the world’s longest over water zip line, the High Speed Coastal Adventure, exhilarating speedboat tour of the peninsula, and much more. The stunning white sandy beaches with crystal blue waters are perfect for relaxing in the sun, swimming, or leisurely walks along the shore. Head to indoor Artisan Market or the outdoor Artisan’s Village for keepsakes and souvenirs like colorful bracelets, and clothing. Finish the perfect day with a refreshing cocktail and sumptuous seafood fare, as you watch the sun set into the horizon. Whether you prefer the thrill of adventure or simply lazing by the beaches, cruise to Haiti and experience the impressive beauty and wonder of Labadee.


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