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From the bliss of the Caribbean to the fascinating culture and architecture of Asia, these cruises in March sail away to the destinations of your dreams. Snorkel in turquoise waters, explore the rugged coastline and dynamic cities of South America, or head Down Under and experience the wonders of Australia and New Zealand. No matter where you cruise, you’ll find intuitive service, superior quality, and innovative design onboard each one of our luxury cruise ships. Where will you sail this spring?

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Top March Cruise Destinations

The Caribbean

There’s nothing that says spring break quite like the Caribbean. If it’s a week’s vacation you’re looking for, sail to Key West and Cozumel on a 5-night Western Caribbean cruise. To explore even more of the islands, head to the Southern Caribbean on a 12-night cruise and stop in no less than seven stunning locales. Snorkel along pristine, white-sand beaches, savor fresh seafood, and sink into the rhythm of the islands.

South America

Experience the culture, history, and natural beauty of Latin America on a cruise around the coast of Argentina and Chile. Take in a tango show while dining on a traditional Argentine asado in Buenos Aires. Ride a 4x4 in the Fuegian Andes and spot Magellanic Penguins in Punta Arenas. From thrilling treks to culinary delights, a March cruise to South America and beyond will feed both your taste buds and your longing for adventure.

Australia & New Zealand

South America isn’t the only destination in the Southern Hemisphere you can visit this spring. Sail from Auckland down the eastern coast of New Zealand before marveling at the majestic fjords and wildlife of the sounds. From Sydney, you could cruise along the eastern coast of Australia to the world’s largest coral reef. Board a helicopter to the awe-inspiring powder sand and aquamarine waters of Whitehaven Beach. Go on a white-water rafting adventure through the Australian rainforest. Sip New Zealand’s finest wines at a local winery in Picton. Witness the beauty of the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown.

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