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NOVEMBER 25, 2017


Explore the Galapagos Islands in Sustainable Style with Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is continuing to make its mark on the world of cruise ship design and innovation with its newest ship: Celebrity Flora. Just like the highly publicized Celebrity Edge is poised to revolutionize cruising in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, Celebrity Flora will also be revolutionary as it is built with the destination in mind first. The Galapagos and its environment is influencing every decision for Celebrity Flora and this sustainable approach means a unique, immersive experience for cruise passengers.

Celebrity Flora Designed with Guests in Mind…

Passengers on board Celebrity Flora will find themselves immersed in the great outdoors even while on the Galapagos cruise ship. The ship is designed to bring the outdoors in due to an outward facing layout that provides 360 degree views of the islands.

Celebrity Flora is also designed for luxury and will have passengers feeling like they’ve stepped onto a yacht. The small ship carries just 100 guests and all accommodations on board are suites. What comes with those suites? Modern luxury that includes:

•Personal suite attendants to cater to every need.
•Oversized bathrooms which offer plenty of room to relax after excursions and get ready for a gourmet dinner.
•Infinite verandas that help bring the outside ambiance into your suite.
•Sustainable, natural, and regionally inspired materials used in the suites.


Celebrity Flora’s uber-luxurious Penthouse suites will be the largest in the Galapagos and will feature separate indoor and outdoor living areas plus will even have an in-room telescope for stargazing at night and spotting animals during the day!

Guests will also feast on gourmet cuisine during the cruise. Three meals are served daily in the Seaside Restaurant. Al fresco dining and special in-suite dining experiences will also be available.

Celebrity Flora will have many other common areas to enhance your cruise vacation in the Galapagos.

Celebrity Flora Designed with the Galapagos in Mind…

Celebrity Flora will have many areas of the ship that are designed to help you learn and fully experience the Galapagos.

The Marina is the part of the ship where guests have direct access to the islands as it’s typically where you’ll board and disembark. The Marina can even accommodate three Zodiacs, meaning you won’t have to wait long once the ship is stopped to board one and zip off to explore the flora and fauna around you.

You can also learn more about the Galapagos through educational opportunities on board. There will even be a Naturalist Center on Celebrity Flora where you can learn more about the destination. Presentations will also be conducted in the Discovery Lounge.

Guests who are into astronomy can stare at up at the night sky from the Stargazing Platform or participate in a guided astronomy tour during the sailing.

Celebrity Flora Designed with Sustainability in Mind…

Celebrity Flora is being designed specifically for the Galapagos and its fragile ecosystem. The ship will be built to be environmentally friendly as it journeys among the islands that make the Galapagos famous. Celebrity Cruises is achieving this in several ways.

Celebrity Flora is one of the most energy-efficient ships in its class and is designed to operate with a 15 percent reduction of fuel consumption and equivalently fewer air emissions, which is achieved with an advanced propulsion system, hull configuration, and specially designed diesel engines.

The ship will also have an anchorless technology that will secure the ship’s position while leaving the sea floor intact.

Other environmental-friendly technology on board will be a system to convert sea water and air conditioning condensation into pure, fresh water.

Celebrity Flora will also have in-room water filtration to reduce plastic bottle waste. In addition, a strong emphasis will be put on reducing waste and recycling or reusing any material possible.

Designed for YOU to Sail the Galapagos — Book Today!

Celebrity Flora will help revolutionize sustainable tourism in the Galapagos Islands while also providing guests with a luxurious, unforgettable vacation. If you want to be part of its early journeys, book your suite now by visiting us online or speaking to your travel agent. Celerity Flora is currently scheduled to embark on her maiden voyage on May 26, 2019, and will be sailing alternating 7-night Inner Loop and Outer Loop itineraries from Baltra.

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