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Annual Sustainability Reports

Explore our commitment to maintain clean oceans and pristine ecosystems as we sail around the world.

Celebrity Cruises, along with our parent corporation Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL) and all the brands in the RCL family, is committed to the environments and communities where we operate.

It is our responsibility to help protect and preserve the oceans and coastal communities that bring our guests so much delight. We are also committed to helping in the communities that our employees and their families call home. Healthy oceans mean that millions of people have access to food, oxygen, transportation, and – in our case – the joy of cruising into the horizon.

Our company has a history of ocean conservation, from the formalization of our Save the Waves® program in 1992, placement of an environmental officer on every ship beginning in 1996, the installation of state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems on our ships, and the introduction of the industry's first shipboard green roof and solar panels with the debut of Celebrity Solstice in 2008.

Today, we are continuing to do our part to help lead our industry toward more sustainable practices. In 2013 and 2014, RCL and its brands, including Celebrity Cruises, implemented a program that repurposes 100% of the offloaded waste from our ships when they end cruises in Florida. As part of our destination stewardship program, we also aligned with nongovernmental and governmental organizations to form the Sustainable Destinations Alliance for the Americas, with the intention of helping the destinations in that region remain healthy and vibrant for years to come.

We have also modernized our sustainability reporting practices. That's why our latest report, "Beyond the Horizon," is the first RCL report – and one of the first in the United States – to use the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines. It means we have engaged a variety of stakeholders in taking a deep and comprehensive look at the sustainability issues that matter the most, taking stock of our sustainability-focused successes and assessing the areas where we can look forward to making great strides toward more successes in the future.

At Celebrity Cruises, sustainability is an evolving and revolving ideal, one that is absolutely critical to our business, and to our planet.

We invite you to read the 2013 sustainability report, "Beyond the Horizon." You can also browse through our past reports, at the links below.Thank you for doing your part to help keep our oceans clean, healthy, and full of life.

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