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Award-Winning Cruises to the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is practically legendary due to its colorful towns located on the sides of cliffs, sparkling sea bays, and wild foliage dotting the coastline. Oh – and don’t forget those picturesque beaches that manage to feel both ritzy and remote at the same time.

Located on Italy southwest side, the Amalfi Coast is a popular cruise destination for itineraries that sail around Italy and is a common stop on cruises that depart from Rome. Depending on your itinerary, your gateway port to the Amalfi Coast will be Naples or Salerno. 

Top Sights on an Amalfi Coast Cruise

The highlights of an Amalfi Coast cruise are largely scenery based, with its most famous seaside towns taking center stage. A bit farther inland, though, and you’ll find some ancient history that is a bucket list worthy site to explore.


When visions of the Amalfi Coast flit into your head they probably look a lot like Positano. The town is situated down the side of a cliff. The pastel colored houses and buildings look like they should tumble into the water but they stay intact and are adjacent to lovely beaches and a picturesque promenade.


Sorrento will give you more of a beach resort vibe. It has dramatic cliff-side coastal as well, like Positano, but is also home to a busy town center with an array of restaurants and shops. Sorrento will delight you with its beauty and fun nature.

Mount Vesuvius

Towering over much of the Amalfi Coast is Mount Vesuvius, a volcano that is still active. In addition to being one of Italy’s most prominent peaks, Mount Vesuvius is most famous for being the volcano that covered the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in ash thousands of years ago.

Amalfi Coast Cruise Ports

Though the towns right along the Amalfi Coast have harbors, they’re not large enough for cruise ships to call at, which is why it’s lucky there are such close cruise terminals to this special part of Italy. Naples is located 35 miles away from Salerno.

Naples, Italy

Amalfi Coast (Salerno), Italy

Popular Shore Excursions in the Amalfi Coast

These excursions will effortlessly take you to the beauty and history of the Amalfi Coast and its surrounding region.


Pompeii is an incredible archaeological discovery that you can walk through and marvel at yourself. Pompeii was a busy Roman town that seemingly disappeared in an instant when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The ash from the volcano covered the town so quickly that it preserved it in time, making for a haunting and unforgettable walk through its ancient streets.


A cruise to the Amalfi Coast doesn’t just have to include mainland Italy sights. The Amalfi Coast is also right across the Bay of Naples from the affluent island of Capri, a gorgeous Italian island that has long been the playground of the rich and famous and is home to the famous Blue Grotto sea cave.

Coastal Drive

One of the best ways to see the Amalfi Coast is on a drive down its winding coastal road. A shore excursion that takes you on a comfortable vehicle to the Amalfi Coast’s most breathtaking sights will also provide you with the bonus of learning more about the region from your knowledgeable guide.

On Your Own Transfers

Just want to do some luxury shopping or find a secluded spot on the beach? An Amalfi coast cruise port of call is a great time to do it and we make it easy for you with our transfer shore excursions that effortlessly escort you to and from the town or site you want to visit.

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Helpful Tips for Amalfi Coast Cruises


Don’t get grand plans of renting a car and driving the Amalfi Coast on your own. The coastal road is known for its narrow lane with blind spot curves that buses come hurtling around. It also runs right next to steep cliffs. Do yourself a favor and take a bus or ferry down the coast so you can enjoy the views without white-knuckling a steering wheel. Plus, traffic along the Amalfi Coast can be horrendous and you don’t want to risk getting stuck in traffic and missing your ship departure time from the port (hint, hint: our shore excursions come with a guarantee that you’ll get back to the ship in time).

Italy gets hot in the summer even by the coast so be sure to pack accordingly. Linen and cotton help you deal with any heat waves, and don’t forget to put in a swimsuit into your daypack; you never know when you’ll stumble upon an idyllic beach during an Amalfi Coast cruise port of call and want to go for a swim.