Important Notice: The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made outside North America on Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, or Silversea Cruises.

1. Health Acknowledgement

Exposure to pathogens (such as the virus that causes COVID-19) is an inherent risk in places where people gather and may result in severe illness or death. Exposure may occur at any point during your voyage, onboard or ashore. Always remaining onboard during your voyage will not prevent exposure because
pathogens may be brought onboard by others, including passengers who choose to participate in shore excursions or activities ashore in our various ports of calls or private destinations. Our health and safety measures mitigate the risk of exposure but cannot eliminate it entirely. Before booking or sailing on a cruise, all guests should consider their individual risk level for illness resulting from pathogen exposure and make an informed travel decision on that basis. We recommend guests with a higher risk of severe illness consult with their doctor prior to booking or sailing with us.

By booking a cruise with us, on behalf of yourself and/or others for whom you are acting (collectively “you” or “your”), you acknowledge that you understand the risks related to exposure to pathogens and their resulting illnesses while cruising with us, including those relating to guests who are at a higher risk of severe illness. It is a condition of boarding and remaining on-board any of our ships that all guests throughout their stay comply with our Guest Health Safety and Conduct Policy and all health and
safety policies and procedures as notified by us. Please also be aware of the terms of our Refusal to Transport Policy which is available on our website.
These COVID-19 Supplementary Terms and Conditions are valid at the publication date below but are subject to change.

2. Before you book your cruise

We have adopted policies and procedures consistent with public health guidance and you will be notified about the policies and procedures applicable to your cruise before you book, after departure and during your cruise.

Government Advice
We recommend that before travel, you check the websites of your own government and national health authority, and the websites of the government and national health authorities of any countries
you may visit during your cruise,for the latest travel and health advice.

Fitness to travel
Before you book a cruise with us, you must ensure that you are fit to travel and that you will not endanger yourself or others during your cruise. This means you must disclose to us any pre-existing medical condition (including those diagnosed by a doctor or healthcare practitioner) of which you are aware, including whether you have contracted or suffered symptoms of any infectious disease (including norovirus,salmonella, or COVID-19) priorto travelling with us. We reserve the right to request additional information relating to you and your travelling party’s
medical history, and/or evidence that you and your travelling party are fit to travel before or after we accept your booking.
Failure to provide information we reasonably request may result in you being denied boarding on the ship, and in these circumstances your booking will be treated as cancelled by you. Ifweconsiderthat,
becauseofyourhealthcircumstancesyourbookedcruisepresentsahealth risk to you or others, we will contact you to explain our reasons and discuss any available options.
Please note that we may share with or receive any health information you provide to us for the purpose of assessing your fitness forsailing at any stage in the booking process, priorto attending the port, atthe port, and during your cruise.

Denial of Boarding
Please note that you or your travelling party may be denied boarding, re-boarding, or quarantined if you display COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 prior to boarding including at home,
reembarking from onshore, at the departure port, or when you are onboard.

3. At the Departure Port
You must always provide clear and accurate information to us and our service providers who support the delivery of your cruise, and you must cooperate with ourstaff and service providers in relation to
health screening and boarding procedures. Refusal to do so will be considered a breach of our Guest Health Safety and Conduct Policy and may result in you being denied boarding or disembarked with
no compensation of any kind payable. Details about any screening and/or testing process will be provided to you ahead of your cruise.

4. During your cruise
Please follow these simple rules during your cruise to ensure you protect yourself and other guests:
1. Wash or sanitize your handsregularly.
2. Avoid touching your face with yourhands.
3. Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it immediately.
4. If possible, wear an approved form of protective mask.
5. Practice physical distancing; and
6. Observe our Health Policies.

Reporting obligation

COVID-19 and other infectious disease symptoms include high temperature or fever, a new continuous cough,shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, a loss or change to yoursense of taste or
smell, muscle aches, headache, nausea, and fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms, however mild, you should inform us through our mobile phone app, or by calling the onboard medical facility. If your condition is considered contagious, you may be asked to isolate in yourstateroom or enter quarantine to avoid spreading your condition to other persons on-board orbeyond.

If a member of your travelling party has symptoms, you must ensure that they tell us about their symptoms, and you mustself-isolate in your stateroomif requested by the medicalfacility on-board. You may be required to move to a new stateroom which has been set up and allocated for isolation/quarantine. You must comply with all instructions given to you during your period of isolation/quarantine and cooperate fully with crew throughout the disembarkation procedure at the end of the cruise.

Failure to report any of these symptoms or non-compliance with the instructions of the ship’s crew and/or medical personnel is contrary to our Guest Health Safety and Conduct Policy and your contract with us and could lead to you being disembarked from the ship without compensation.

Effective Date: 30 August 2023

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