Rome (Civitavecchia) Italy Port Guide

Extraordinary architecture, millennia of turbulent history, magnificent basilicas concealing unimaginable riches, and ornate fountains splashing at the heart of sun-drenched piazzas are just some of the many reasons to visit Rome. Art greets you on every corner, from elaborate statues to delicate frescoes. Stroll the ancient center and history comes to life as you explore the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum. Enjoy Italian café culture in Trastevere, where you can wander the narrow streets and soak up a sense of la dolce vita, or throw a coin into the baroque Trevi Fountain to guarantee your return to this vibrant, intoxicating city.

On a cruise from Rome, you can set sail to the awe-inspiring Italian Riviera, where rugged cliffs give way to sparkling turquoise waters, with charming villages and cities at each stop. Discover the elegant Mediterranean lifestyle of coastal France. Head to the Greek Islands and uncover thousands of years of history in the many whitewashed towns and archeological sites. Explore the Adriatic port of Kotor, Montenegro, an ancient city hemmed in by ramparts that snake up the steep hillside. Experience some of the most coveted destinations in Europe on a luxury Rome cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

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Introducing: Rome City Stays

    Embark on an in-depth experience in the city where your cruise starts or ends. Stay in accommodations we’ve carefully selected. Enjoy tours guided by experts to see the must-sees and do the must-dos. Take private transportation between your airport, hotel, and ship.


    Guided Tour Highlights: Be immersed in the history and culture of Rome. Visit some of the most iconic sites, such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Sistine Chapel. There’s so much to experience in this breathtaking city, from the culture and cuisine to the art and architecture.

Featured Destinations on Cruises From Rome


Let Celebrity transport you to the most fascinating cities in Italy. In Naples, immerse yourself in local history by visiting a magnificent royal castle built in 1279 or exploring Pompeii, in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. Admire the ornate architecture and Europe’s largest and most active volcano, Mt. Etna, on a call to the port of Catania in Sicily. Stroll through the museums in Florence that hold legendary works of art such as Michelangelo’s “David”. Italy is rich with lovely old towns and cities for those who enjoy ancient history, modern Mediterranean culture, and the deep flavors of traditional Italian food.


Journey to the Greek Isles, where the sheer beauty of Mykonos will dazzle you—whitewashed buildings set against impossibly blue waters and shocking pink bougainvillea. In Rhodes, check out the ancient landmarks of Old Town and then indulge in a blissful, restorative soak in the Kallithea Springs. Enjoy authentic Greek cuisine and cross the longest stone bridge over the sea in the world when you visit Argostoli; the views you’ll see from here are beyond breathtaking. Athens, Nafplio, and Katakolon are also ports of call on various cruises that sail from Rome, each city the gateway to incredible antiquities.


Cruise to the French Riviera, where you can bask on Nice’s sublime beaches or stroll the four-mile promenade that runs alongside the sparkling waterfront. Of course, a town that celebrates film and visual treasures is a must-visit, and that place is Cannes. Stroll the traffic-free Old Town here to marvel at pretty courtyards, artsy staircases, and chic cafés. Culture is key in Provence and Marseille is another port that has many excellent, well-designed museums focused on art and history. In Corsica, visit the Calvi Citadel, a masterpiece built by the Genoese, its winding alleys lined with cool boutiques and gelato shops.

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Why Sail From Rome With Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity offers the highest standards of comfort and luxury as you sail the Mediterranean, exploring whitewashed villages in Greece, and sunbathing on the famous shores of the Italian Riviera. On a luxury cruise from Rome, you’ll find abundant dining options with menus crafted by our Michelin-starred chef, and accommodation rivaling any top hotel.

Celebrity embodies the best of contemporary luxury living with The Retreat®, offering all-suite staterooms, private lounge access, and exclusive amenities. Soak it all up on board before taking a wine tour in Florence, exploring the walled city of Kotor, or visiting the ancient Parthenon in Athens.

Experience a unique perspective as you relax high over the ocean on The Magic Carpet®, a platform cantilevered over the side of the ship that serves as a cool bar, lounge, and alfresco restaurant on Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex, and Celebrity Beyond. Surround yourself with lush vegetation and sunlight as you dine outdoors at the Rooftop Garden on the Edge-class ships. Bring the family and inspire your kids’ curiosity with the Camp at Sea program, offering over 500 different activities. Enjoy the sensation of lying on real grass at The Lawn Club on Celebrity Reflection, and sample the specialty restaurants on Celebrity Constellation as you explore Europe with the ultimate in style and luxury.

Rome Port Facilities & Location

Civitavecchia cruise port is located about an hour’s drive from Rome. Shore excursions are an easy way to get to the city center if you prefer not to negotiate public transportation. Civitavecchia also has a combined bus and train station that is about a 15-minute walk from the port entrance. Shuttle buses are available from the pier to the entrance of the port. From there, you can start the walk or take a local bus to the train station. The Civitavecchia cruise port terminal also has information desks to help give you ideas for what to do and where to go in the surrounding area and nearby Rome.

Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises To & From Rome

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is considered by many to be Rome’s greatest attraction, and if you haven’t been to Rome before, you’d be remiss not to see it. Even if you find its gruesome gladiator past unsettling, it’s still hard not to be wowed by the grandeur of its construction and the fact that this ancient amphitheater is so well preserved, some 2,000 years later. A shore excursion with a guided tour of the Colosseum is an excellent way to see the site as you’ll get to hear detailed stories of its history and the spectacles that were once held in the ring of the vast amphitheater. The Colosseum is also one of the new Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is the largest fountain in Rome and is also often considered to be the most beautiful. It gets its name from Tre Vie, which stands for “three ways”, since it was built at the meeting point of three streets. The fountain is constructed in the Baroque style and features Oceanus riding a chariot pulled by two sea horses being led by Tritons. If you want to increase your chances of visiting Rome again, legend has it that if you throw a coin in the water with your right hand over your left shoulder you’ll return to Rome someday.

Vatican City

The State of Vatican City is the smallest state in Europe in terms of both population and size. It is completely surrounded by the city of Rome on all sides, but has been independent of Italy since 1929. Vatican City is ruled by the Pope and serves as the center of authority for the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican’s best-known sites are St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel—home respectively to Michelangelo’s Pieta and his famous painted ceiling—along with heralded  Renaissance and Roman masterpieces by Bernini and Raphael.

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Top Things to Do in Rome

Walk Around Trastevere

This is a popular neighborhood in Rome to wander around and take in its pretty streets. Located right by the River Tiber, it is home to lively squares, an assortment of shops and artisan boutiques, authentic trattorias, and lively bars.

Tour the Catacombs

The catacombs were used as burial grounds for Christian and pagan citizens from the second century through the fifth century AD. The underground catacombs were created to find more burial space and consist of atmospheric subterranean passageways which you can explore on a guided tour.

Visit Bracciano

If you’ve seen all the sights of Rome before, consider using your day in port or time before your cruise from Rome departs to visit Bracciano, which is a picturesque town located atop a hill overlooking Lake Bracciano. It makes for a great day trip to wander around the pretty streets and visit its main attraction, Castello Odescalchi, a formidable castle built in the Renaissance military style.

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