Icy Strait Point Excursions Offer Exciting Experiences

When booking Icy Strait Point excursions, it’s a sure bet that any one you choose will be enlightening and exciting. That’s due to a winning combination of breadth of the tours offered, breathtaking natural scenery, and the welcoming townspeople of Hoonah, many of whom are members of the Tlingit tribe of Native American Indians.

Alaska cruise passengers have a unique opportunity when visiting Icy Strait Point. The area welcomes visitors only when ships are in port, and the village of Hoonah in which Icy Strait Point is located, are proudly owned and operated by Native Alaskans. That means whichever Icy Strait Point tour you choose, you’re ensured of responsible eco-tourism offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To explore the rugged beauty and native wildlife of Chichagof Island, on which Icy Strait is located, book one of several Icy Strait Point shore excursions. On a guided wilderness hike, you’ll trek through Tlingit-owned land to an old logging trail, up to a mountaintop, to behold a panoramic view of the island and waterways. A whale-watching, wildlife, and bear search excursion aboard a high-speed catamaran treats you to a scenic coastline cruise to one a popular humpback whale feeding ground, and a local naturalist is your guide to spotting wildlife from sea lions and otters to bears and bald eagles.

If you come to Hoonah for world-class fishing, it’s a good bet (though not guaranteed) that the fish will come to you. Icy Strait Point fishing excursions include fishing on open water for halibut or in freshwater streams for char or trout.

Active adventurers will thrill to shore excursions that range from a soaring rainforest experience that starts at the top of Hoonah Mountain on the world’s largest zipline, to a back country ATV expedition, and an ocean rafting experience that captures the vastness and majesty of the rugged Alaska coastline. You can even book combination tours for a full day of unforgettable action.

To fully experience the hospitality of Icy Strait Point, book a guided Hoonah sightseeing tour to explore the village, and learn about the Native American heritage of the Tlingit tribe through a live song and dance performance. For a hands-on Alaska seafood-cooking experience, schedule a session with a native fisherwoman who will wow you with her tips and tricks for preparing fresh fish; grill your own fish over an open fire, then enjoy the tasty results.

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