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Experience a slice of paradise on an Eden cruise. This tiny town is located along the Sapphire Coast of Australia with a population of just 3,000. Here, you’ll find a scenic stretch of land with nearly 250 miles of waterways and over 150 beaches to discover, each more beautiful than the next.

During an Australia cruise, explore Eden’s pristine coast while on a kayak. Hike around its lush national parks, where you’ll find historic landmarks and hundreds of different species of birds. Soak in the laid-back charm and enjoy unbeatable views from this quaint fishing village in New South Wales, where you’ll eat some of the freshest oysters you’ve ever tried.

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Top Sights and Attractions for Eden Cruises

Ben Boyd National Park

Untouched beaches, craggy shores, and breathtaking vistas are some of the highlights of a trip to Ben Boyd National Park, a spectacular 29-mile stretch of wilderness on the Sapphire Coast. Choose between exploring one of the two main sections of the park, which are divided by the town of Eden in the middle. There you’ll find sites like the Pinnacles, a sprawling group of red and white sand cliffs that are millions of years old, and Disaster Bay Lookout, where you’ll enjoy excellent bird-watching opportunities.

Green Cape Lighthouse

Get swept up in the romance of the Green Cape Lighthouse, the second-tallest lighthouse in New South Wales. From the base all the way up to its observation deck, the Green Cape Lighthouse offers stunning views of the rocky coast of Disaster Bay. During your Eden cruise, set up an intimate picnic for two, spot whales in the distance, or simply enjoy the soothing sound of the waves crashing into the shore.

Boyds Tower

Embark on a gentle hike through the Boyds Tower walking track until you reach the historic Boyds Tower, a 75-foot high lighthouse named after Scottish entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd, who amassed large plots of land in New South Wales during the mid-1800s. Learn about Boyd’s grandiose plans to build an empire on the coast, and see if you can spot the missing section in the middle of the tower where a lightning bolt once hit.

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Top Things to Do in Eden

Visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum

Learn all about the long-standing relationship between orca whales and Eden’s population at the Eden Killer Whale Museum, where you’ll find one of the only orca skeletons in the world. The skeletal remains belong to Old Tom, a famous killer whale that was beloved by the local Yuin people of Eden during the 1800s. The museum has excellent whale-watching platforms, and if you happen to spot one of these magnificent animals in the water, the staff will emit a loud siren that alerts the entire town of a whale in the distance.

Look Out for Exotic Animals at Bournda National Park

Immerse yourself in the wilderness of Bournda National Park, a 6,560-acre wonderland where you can spend a day at the beach, swim in a placid lagoon, and spot all kinds of animals. Look for endangered species such as black swans and cormorants, keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos and wallabies, and see how many of the over 200 species of birds you can find. 

Shuck Oysters at Pambula Lake

Hop aboard an oyster punt and cruise through the calm waters of Pambula Lake, where crystal clear waters sparkle under the sun. Discover the art of oyster farming and learn how the locals harvest Sydney rock oysters, a variety coveted all over the world for its unique taste. End your day by shucking and savoring your very own freshly-harvested oysters.

Top Food and Drink on Eden Cruises

Seafood lovers, specifically oyster aficionados, will love sampling local specialties during a cruise to Eden, as it’s the home of the famous Sydney rock oyster. Since it’s a fishing village, Eden’s restaurants also offer a wide selection of fresh catches, mussels, and other seafood dishes year-round.

Culture and History of Eden

The small town of Eden was first inhabited by the Thawa people. While its rich whaling history spans back centuries, the first whaling station in the town was built in 1828. Both the town’s aboriginal people and European settlers developed a special relationship with the killer whales of Eden, who would help them corral humpback whales into Eden’s Twofold Bay. The town of Eden was established in 1843 and was named after George Eden, the 1st Earl of Auckland. Since then, the town primarily subsisted off of its whaling industry, but once whaling ended in 1930, the economy has been driven by fishing and tourism.

Eden Cruise Port Facilities and Location

During your cruise to Eden, you’ll dock at Eden Breakwater Wharf. Within walking distance of the wharf, you’ll find the town’s downtown area, where there are several cafes and restaurants.

Transportation in Eden

Eden’s downtown is near the port and is easily walkable. There’s also a public bus service that connects Eden to nearby towns like Bega, Merimbula, and Pambula. Private bus and taxi services are also available.

Shopping Near the Eden Cruise Port

Most of the stores and boutiques in Eden are located on the town’s Main Street, near the Eden port area. You’ll find supermarkets, pharmacies, art galleries, and gift shops, where you can pick up local souvenirs to bring back home. 

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

Australia’s national currency is the Australian dollar (AUD). ATMs and currency exchanges are readily available. Credit cards are accepted in major stores and restaurants, but it’s never a bad idea to carry a small amount of cash on hand, in case a local cafe or smaller shop doesn’t accept credit cards. It is customary to tip waiters around 10% of the bill’s total if you’ve experienced good service.

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